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The new mining mode called DMZ in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is about as much fun as it gets. Complete missions with friends, survive, and then return home. It is so simple. Except that it rarely happens, especially in certain missions given by the factions of the game. Today we will be dealing with several enemies who will do their best not to appear in our innocent photos, to the point of not even appearing. Here’s how to complete the Who’s Watching in Warzone 2 DMZ challenge.

How to do Who’s Watching

Who’s Watching is a Tier 1 mission in the Warzone 2.0 DMZ that will be given to the Black Mouse, one of the three factions in the mode. While goals may seem fairly simple, achieving them can be a little tricky. This means that you’d better stay behind to find out how to complete this mission. Goals:

  • Get a tactical camera.
  • Install it in the underground passage of Rohan Oil.
  • Use the tactical camera in Rohan Oil to take pictures of 5 enemies.

So start by installing a tactical camera as a field upgrade and get to playing. Walk forward and go to the center of the map, where you will find an underground passage to the Rohan Oil. Go ahead and launch a tactical camera anywhere in the underpass. The tricky part is breaking these enemies, as they will spawn randomly and, well, won’t spawn. You can do two things: wait for the enemies to arrive, or use a friend who takes care of getting the attention of the enemies so that you take a picture of them with your tactical camera.

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And it’s all! If done right, you will quickly break 5 enemies and all you have to do is extract and complete the mission. Upon completion, your rewards will be Amethyst Dash blueprints and 10,000 XP. And as said above, you’d better go ahead and complete this mission with a friend. Of course, you can do it solo, but it will be much more difficult.

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