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As expected, on Tuesday (5) Microsoft released the final version of Windows 11.

To do this, the user has several options. One of them is the automatic installation of updates through Windows Update. However, there is also the option to create installation media using the USB-END using the “Media Creation Tool”.

First of all, it is worth noting that in order for the method to work, the selected flash drive must have at least 8 GB of internal space and be empty, since the accumulation will be formatted during the process. Connect to the internet to be able to download the installation files.

How to install Windows 11

1. Go to the official Windows 11 website and click “Download Now” under “Windows 11 Installation Media Creation” to download the “Media Creation Tool” executable file.

2. Another Microsoft public tool and click “Accept”.

3. Select the language and version of Windows 11 you want to download and click the “Next” button.


4. After connecting the USB drive to the device, mark the name “USB Flash Drive” and click “Next” again.

Keep in mind that all data stored on the flash drive will be dududu.

5. In the list of disks, the context is Connected flash drive, In the example indicated as the disk “H: USB”, and the thread “Next”.

6. Now Windows 11 boots and adapts on the USB stick. The speed will depend on your connection. Even if you notice a delay, don’t unplug or turn off your computer while you wait.

7. Finally, when the download is complete, click “Next” and “Finish”.

Ready! At the end, as in the screenshot below, All files that are not subject to the installation of Windows 11 will be saved

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How to set up with a drive

Now you can install the system on any compatible device via a USB flash drive. What’s this?

To do this, after turning on, the F12 collection is collected several times (this key varies depending on the device manufacturer, on some PCs the F11 or even F8 collection may be collected), entering the boot menu. If that didn’t help, try searching this answer on google by asking Voisk terms like “menu menu key”

Select the ff-accumulator created earlier (usually it is called: “mode

If you have come to this, just follow the usual Microsoft procedure for installing a new version of the wife on your computer.

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