How to create, buy and sell an NFT in Solana (SOL), with Solsea: is the commitment to new digital art a click away?

Every day that passes now is synonymous with a new record on the NFT side: non-fungible tokens (or non-fungible tokens) that are supposed to be unique have comfortably seated themselves at the front of the crypto scene, without asking for input from nobody. And at Journal du Coin, even if we don’t necessarily find them incredibly useful, these NFTs make us laugh. And like laughter, it’s great, there’s no reason to deprive yourself of it – today, I’m going to teach you how to create your own NFT on the blockchain star of the moment, Solana (SOL)!

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Solana, the perfect blockchain for NFT (even offline)

Before I jump into the generation of a magnificent NFT with the colors of the JDC in Solana, let me specify that we will not discuss the usefulness of such an approach here. Whether you consider NFTs as a fad or the future of contemporary art, as a huge ecological waste that will burn our planet or as a game revolution, it does not matter: on the contrary, very good for you, hold tight to your convictions, and let us move forward together with joy, good humor and joy, putting aside our probable differences.

Yes, because we are not here to be really serious, but for the lulz! In fact, if you’ve followed the previous episodes, you’ve learned the main lesson from the ruthless world of NFTs – the only NFTs that will explode in value will likely be the ones you haven’t gotten your hands on, and others. it will collect dust in your wallet and will probably stay there for a long time. So you might as well enjoy the moment, and enjoy it happily, with no sadly venal ulterior motives.

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Find the Solana wallet that suits you best: the Phantom option

By dint of following us through our NFT-oriented tutorials, you will quickly start to adopt good habits – you need a suitable wallet to get started. And you are very lucky, because you have to recognize that the teams developing at Solana have a particular focus on user experience: let me introduce you to Phantom, the equivalent of Ethereum’s Metamask to experiment with. The different applications available on the Solana Blockchain. Install the plugin that’s right for you directly from the official Phantom website to get started.

Phantom SOL wallet home page.Phantom Wallet Home Page

In my case, in two clicks, I am ready to try Phantom on Chrome.

Phantom Plugin Download ScreenGhost download screen for Chrome

Create a new wallet, secure it with a password, then carefully write down the words that will make up your classic seed (and will allow you to restore your wallet if necessary, because they give direct access to your funds in Solana). So let’s go: deposit funds to your newly created SOL address, directly from FTX (the option is offered to you in Phantom) or from an external address (as in my case, since I decided to feed it from another exchange platform).

A bit of information too: in the same way that Metamask allows you to store ETH and ERC-20 tokens (or other NFTs) issued in Ethereum, Phantom offers you the possibility to store SOL but also SPL tokens issued in Solana.

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Connect to Solsea, an OpenSea equivalent for Solana

Now that you have some SOL to spend on mining your NFT, head over to Solsea, one of the emerging NFT platforms dedicated to Solana. Connect your wallet in a few clicks, with “Connect Wallet” and then selecting “Phantom”. To validate the connection, Phantom will ask you to enter your password and then approve the connection. You will have the option of not activating the self-approval function, disabled by default, to have to validate each transaction one by one and avoid the unpleasant surprise of a malicious application that would try to divert your wallet (this can happen occasionally in Ethereum).

Phantom Link Screen in Solsea.Login screen for your wallet in Solsea

Create a profile with an email address in Solsea (like what you can do in OpenSea, for example). It’s done ? So here you are ready to tackle most of the work: what if we broadcast a first NFT on Solana?

Solsea, the "Open sea" by SolanaSolsea site home page, once you have logged in.

Create an NFT in Solana (SOL)

To sum up: you have an attack wallet full of a bit of SOL, an effective connection to Solsea… while what do you still lack? Much more besides a great idea about the exact content of the famous NFT that you claim to offer to the world!

The story of an NFT like no other

Let me tell you how I came up with the idea for NFT that I decided to mine for this article!

This story is pretty silly, but it made us laugh at the Journal du Coin: Arriving at the office last Monday, poof, here we got a DMCA notice from none other than Bank of America. So go ahead and shout in the halls, the publisher will not get angry with grunts at the banking giants, the CTO is finding us the details to find out what we have been able to do with so terrible to deserve this anger … Well, in fact, it is very simple: we had made the terrible mistake in an article about El Salvador by quoting President Nayib Bukele, and the unfortunate had the disdain to let it be seen in a two-page tweet from a seemingly very exclusive Bank of America. report! So, in twos, here the Google search giant plays, and that honor is safe: The lousy article is now dereferenced, preserving Bank of America that would otherwise have to (imagine the scene) knees shake a lot. strong. In summary, what we have learned from this episode is this inspired animation:

And that’s how an NFT like no other was chosen almost by accident … and for the most curious, I even did a nice giveaway on Twitter, in which you can still participate, to maybe be the winner 😉

NFT transmission

But let’s get back to our topic: in Solsea, once connected, click on “Create”, then on “NFT”, since it is issuing a single edition. If you are creating a series, you will need to choose “Collection”.

Creation of NFT in Solsea

From there, you will arrive at a page dedicated to the creation of your NFT: you can upload the image (or video or .gif) of your choice, give it a name, integrate it (or not) into a series, give it unique characteristics (particularly useful for a possible rarity, as part of a series), then generate a preview of said NFT.

Screen of the characteristics of your future NFT

Left to my inspiration to say the least Homeric, here is, for example, what the famous NFT of the day looked like in the first place:

JDC NFT Overview

Finally, please specify if the content of your NFT is explicit (or not), out of sympathy for potential future bidders who wish to get hold of your digital artwork. 😉 All you have to do is click on “Mint NFT” once you are ready!

NFT Mint Confirmation

Multiple transactions will be linked in your Phantom wallet, and you will have to validate them one after the other.

Approval of a SOL transaction in your Phantom wallet.

Once this is done … Well, everything is done! It only remains to wait for the validation of these transactions, which is almost instantaneous. You can then verify on the blockchain and at Solsea that your NFT has been minted!

By accessing the corresponding menu of Solsea, you can check the presence of said NFT.

Preview of the minted NFT in your personal space at Solsea.

Finally, you can check it directly in your Phantom wallet (because it now exists independently of Solsea):

Your NFT directly to your Phantom wallet in Solana

NFT list

We will not really do it in this article, as as you may have understood, all the interest now is to win this piece of the JDC History for our readers, but of course you can put your NFT up for sale (here, at Solsea).

So, if you want to sell your own NFT, nothing too complicated: go to your personal space at Solsea, open the preview of your creations and click on “NFT List”.

Set a price in SOL, also specify if you prefer this offer to be private (to possibly arrange your sale directly with a buyer), then validate … and finally confirm the operation in your Phantom wallet.

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There you have it – you’ve managed to create and sell your own NFT! Did I convince you to take the step, or not yet? Anyway, these half-exploited tokenized creations in the SOL have not finished making the news of cryptocurrencies … And it is a safe bet that after Tezos and now Solana, we had the opportunity to talk with you to learn how to create your NFTs on other blockchains in the future!

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