How to Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen

These days, we carry our phones with us everywhere in all our adventures at work and play, and sometimes a little travel or awkwardness can end in disaster and a cracked screen. If the worst is about to happen to you and you have damaged your iPhone screen, you might be interested in this quick guide that tells you the methods available to you to fix a cracked iPhone screen. So don’t worry if you pick up your iPhone and think, “Oh no, my iPhone’s screen is cracked.” There are many solutions, depending on how bad it really is.

Assess the damage

The first thing to do if you’ve cracked or shattered your iPhone screen is to make sure you don’t get cut by broken glass or debris that could break off. If possible, secure glass shards that may come off or fall off the screen with transparent packing tape. As you probably already know, you can get your iPhone’s screen repaired at your local Apple store, although it will cost money if you haven’t already signed up for an AppleCare+ package that will cover some of the cost for you.

Back up your iPhone and protect your data

Before proceeding with the repair and if your iPhone is still working, we recommend that you back up your iPhone one last time. Even if you have already backed up your iPhone to iCloud. To do this, simply connect it to your Apple Mac or PC, or if you haven’t already connected your iPhone to Apple iCloud, as described in our previous guide.

cracked iphone screen

Fix Cracked iPhone Screen

Apple store renovation

If you go to an official Apple store to have your screen replaced, it can be very expensive. For example, at the time of this writing, an iPhone 14 Pro Max screen replacement will set you back around $379. If you purchased an AppleCare+ plan, Apple reduced that fee to $29. If you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S that needs repair, the price without AppleCare+ is $129 and with AppleCare+ it’s $29. When you go to an Apple Authorized Store, repairs and replacement parts are warranted for 90 days or the remainder of your Apple warranty or AppleCare+ plan, whichever is longer.

Third party repair shops

Sometimes, depending on the skills of your local repair shops, it can be much more affordable to get a quote from a qualified technician near your home. It’s also worth asking friends and family if they can recommend someone who has already had their screens repaired. Although, you need to consider that thirdparty iPhone repair shops may use official parts from thirdparty suppliers, not genuine Apple parts, which can be expensive in and of themselves.

Void Apple Warranty

It’s also worth noting that if your iPhone has been repaired by third parties, this will void any Apple warranty left on your iPhone, and if you attempt any further Apple repairs or service, they will most likely refuse to do so. Options to send your iPhone to third party repairers are also available, which can be found online, although the process can be slow and sometimes tedious.

Fix iPhone screen yourself

Even though Apple has provided all the tools you need to replace your iPhone screen and instructions are available on online sites like iFixit detailing how you can get your screen repaired. I would recommend watching the iFixitcreated videos embedded in this article on how you can fix your iPhone’s cracked screen before trying to fix anything yourself. Then you might consider if you have the skills, tools, and time to do the cracked screen repair yourself, or if you’d rather have someone more experienced do it for you.

If you are planning to repair your cracked iPhone screen at Apple, there are several ways to do so. By scheduling a visit and arranging an appointment with an Apple Authorized Service Provider at an Apple Store near you. Arrange for your iPhone to be shipped to Apple directly by mail.

Or ask Apple to schedule onsite service by having an Apple Authorized Service Provider come to your home or office. Obviously, there will be additional call and service charges that you will need to request prior to confirming your repair, just to make sure you are not surprised by any unexpected charges. Personally, your first stop should be to talk to an Apple support consultant online or at an Apple Store to get a good idea of ​​how much it will cost and what options you have.

Unfortunately, cracked iPhone screens are the bane of any iPhone user, and unfortunately, due to the phone’s touch screen design and construction, glass will always be a weak point. If you’re prone to dropping your iPhone, perhaps buying a secure protective case can prevent any additional costs down the road, although this won’t help much if you already have a cracked screen. To contact Apple to discuss your iPhone screen and how you can repair cracks, go to the official Apple support site for more information.

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