How to fix an iPhone black screen that won’t turn on

If your iPhone’s screen is black and unresponsive, there could be several reasons behind the problem. Generally, you can fix this problem by trying a few different things, as different solutions may solve the problem. These helpful tips should help you get your iPhone up and running again.

Why is my iPhone screen black?

When your iPhone screen goes black, it usually means that some problem is interfering with your device. The device is either turned off or does not boot to a normal state.

Various things can cause this problem. The problem can be caused by a hardware issue, a software issue, low battery, an issue with an app on your device, and other reasons. Plus a few different solutions to try and get your iPhone working again.

How to fix iPhone black screen?

The first thing to try is probably the simplest solution: connect your iPhone to the charging cable and see if the device starts charging. If the display shows a red low battery indicator, this is your problem.

It may take some time to determine that the problem is low battery, we recommend that you briefly connect the device and allow it to charge. Usually around 15 minutes is a good time to check if the problem is with the battery.

You can then try to turn your iPhone back on. If the battery was the problem, it should boot. If it’s really low, it might just display a low battery indicator, and if so, you should leave the device on charge for at least an hour to see if you can get it to boot up.

My iPhone still won’t turn on; what can i try next?

The next thing that can cause a problem on your iPhone could be a problem with the software or app that is causing the problem. Several different software issues can prevent your iPhone from booting up. The best way to find out if this is the problem is to perform a hard reset on your device.

You can do this on recent iPhones by pressing the volume up button and releasing it, the volume down button and releasing it. You need to press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears. If you see the Apple logo, then it worked and your device will reboot and it should be back to normal. There are different methods for different devices and Apple has more details on this on their website.

My iPhone is still not working; anything else i can try?

If none of the above worked, it could be a hardware issue with your device. One way to check this is to connect the device to a computer. If your computer recognizes the iPhone, then the device is turned on. But there may be a problem with the display.

If the computer does not recognize the iPhone, it may be another issue that is causing the device not to turn on. If you have tried all of the solutions above, it would be a good idea to take your device to a repair shop who will diagnose the problem and hopefully fix it.

You can take it to an Apple Store, an Apple Authorized Repair Center or a third party repair shop and they should all be able to tell you what’s wrong with your iPhone and how you can fix it.

We hope you found this guide helpful and may have helped some of you solve iPhone black screen issues. If any of these helpful tips help you get your iPhone working again, leave a comment and let us know.

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