How to fix an iPhone with a yellow battery

Have you noticed on your iPhone that the battery on the home screen is yellow instead of normal? There is a reason for this, as well as an easy solution. This guide explains why your iPhone battery is showing yellow and what to do about it.

Many people wonder if there is something wrong with their iPhone and iPhone battery when it turns yellow. There is nothing to worry about when you see the yellow battery indicator, as in the photo above.

Why did the battery indicator on my iPhone turn yellow?

The reason the battery indicator on your iPhone is yellow is because your iPhone is set to low power mode, this mode can be used to conserve battery power when you need extra power from your device.

battery for iphone

When your iPhone’s battery drops to 20 percent, you’re given the option to put the device into low power mode. This mode can also be turned on without people knowing, and then they wonder why the battery indicator on their device turned yellow.

How to return the iPhone battery to normal color?

This is an easy fix, in order to switch from the yellow battery on your device, you need to turn off low power mode and return to normal battery mode.

yellow iphone battery

This can be done on your device by going to Settings and turning off low power mode, this will put your device back into standard battery mode as shown in the photo below.

What is Low Power Mode and when should you use it?

Low Power Mode is a handy mode to use when your iPhone’s battery is running low. When you switch to low power mode, a number of features are disabled on your device to reduce battery consumption.

Yellow battery for iPhone

Low Power Mode reduces the power consumption of features such as background app refresh, receive email, auto download, temporarily pause iCloud photos, and also reduces some of the visual effects on your iPhone.

You can find out more information about using Power Saving Mode on your iPhone and how it can help you when your battery is low on the Apple website.

We hope this explained why the battery on your iPhone has changed color and how you can get it back to normal. We also hope you find the information about Power Saving Mode useful so that you can refer to it when you need extra power for your iPhone.

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