How to get maximum health in God of War

Swarms of new players have started their journey as Kratos with God of War is now available on PC.

For many years, God of War was a PlayStation exclusive, but now it’s available with. Released for PC, a new generation takes control of the Spartan and plays through their latest story, rooted in Norse mythology.

Fighting in the Norse realms is no easy task for Kratos and his son Atreus. Will you encounter difficult avatars and dangerous monsters that will force you to enjoy maximum health? This can only be achieved by collecting Idunn Apples.

Where to find all Idunn apples for maximum health in God of War

Kratos finds an Idunn apple in God of War (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)

There are nine apples of Idunn in God of War. You will be allowed to collect three Kratos Life Points to reach the maximum. Finding the other six would increase his state of vitality.

The Law of Vitality is also important to Kratos’ health. It can be increased by equipping better gear or upgrading existing gear. However, collecting Idunn’s apples is the most important task.

Here are all the Idunn Apple locations in God of War:

  • Block 1: In the Wildwoods, after the first combat encounter of the game, there is a small temple with three exits. A plank of wood blocking a small cave right in front of him. Hack and Rune’s chest with an Idunn apple in it.
  • Apple 2: There is a second Edunn apple in God of War in the River Pass. After the first Revenant fight, go to the back of the room on the other side of the bridge to find the chest.
  • Apple 3: After defeating the dwarf Brenni Daudi in the Foothills, there is a timed challenge. Hit three bells while throwing Kratos’s ax as fast as you can and you can reach the runic chest.
  • Block 4: There is a Lookout Tower boat dock near Lake Nine south. Ring all three bells with the ax again and the rune chest will open with Idunn’s fourth apple.
  • Block 5: The Forgotten Caverns are accessible by boat. There are rotating towers inside. You need to hold down one of them to start spinning, then hold down the other two while spinning to open the Idunn Apple Chest.
  • Block 6: At the beginning of the circular structure trench, there is a platform puzzle. Move the platform with the equipment to put it at different heights, reveal the runes to open the chest.
  • Apple 7 – After unlocking the shock arrows for Atreus’ bow, you’ll come across Frost Draugr and a bridge covered in red vines. Use the new arrows to blow everything up and then find the runes. Destroy them to open the chest.
  • Block 8: Go to the Light Elf Outpost north of Tyr’s Temple. Destroy the rune behind the chest, the rune in the outer ring of the keep, and the last one on a pillar near the top of the site. This will open the box.
  • Apple 9: Idunn’s last apple in God of War can be found inside Tyr’s Vault. Watch out for spike traps when searching for the three runes. Destroy them and the ultimate chest will open so you can max out Kratos’ health.

Vitality and HP are combined to calculate Kratos’ health. The only real way to get maximum health in God of War is to find all 9 Idunn apples among the different types. puzzle

Edited by Sego Samuel Ball

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