How to get Xbox Game Pass cheaper

Microsoft is taking this video game service, which launched a few years ago, very seriously. For the same reason, they offer to show us their platform almost for free. If you have a dollar, you can try Xbox Game Pass in all its glory. Those in Redmond usually run promotions from time to time to encourage Game Pass subscriptions.

Usually we are offered one month for one euro or three months for three euros. However, on key dates like summer or Christmas, they will give us a maximum of three months for just one euro. At the end of the time, they will charge us the standard 9.99 or 12.99 depending on whether we chose Ultimate or PC mode.

Generally speaking, if you’re not a regular Game Pass user, you can easily take advantage of this offer whenever Microsoft launches it. If they create obstacles in your path, you can still take advantage of this offer using a new Microsoft account, but we expect that they generally do not create any obstacles.

Other ways to get a cheap Game Pass

In addition to the Game Pass for one euro, there are other ways to purchase this subscription at a price below the recommended price:

Converting Xbox Gold to Game Pass

There is a very interesting way to get Game Pass at a lower price than what is usually asked from us with a subscription fee. After activating Xbox Game Pass for an account that already has an Xbox Gold subscription, any gold months you’ve had will automatically convert to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate months.

Xbox accounts allow you to store a subscription for up to 36 months. So with an Xbox Gold Card, you can enjoy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for three years and save a lot of money in the process. Xbox Gold Cards are available at select online retailers. Of the nearly 13 euros that a membership would represent, completing this process will cost you approximately 3.75 euros per month.

Shop at key stores

keystone microsoft

If you’re looking to save money but don’t want to make things difficult for yourself, the smartest thing to do is explore different keystores. These online shops sell codes directly at prices lower than what Microsoft usually offers us. Some of the most interesting blinds are:

  • Gamivo: At this store, you can save around 12% when you purchase a 3- or 12-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.
  • CD Keys: This site has great prices and sometimes lower prices than Gamivo. You can buy Game Pass Ultimate activation keys for 6 months for about 50 euros.
  • Eneba: While you won’t find as many deals as CD Keys, this online store usually always has a stock of licenses.

Shopping in other regions


This trick has already become a classic when it comes to subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify. Digital services are usually priced according to the market in which they are sold. For this reason, in less developed economies, services like Xbox Game Pass are cheaper compared to the prices we have in France. At the moment, all Xbox systems are not tied to regions, and Microsoft does not put any obstacles in this way.

Game Pass prices in these countries will depend on the exchange rate of their own currencies against the euro. Therefore, it would be somewhat tedious to talk about each country separately. If what you are looking for is the cheapest deal, you might be interested in buying one place today and another tomorrow.

To find the perfect deal, there’s the Xbox Store Checker site, which will always point you to the most affordable store in the world where you can buy a Game Pass. In addition, the website will show you the steps you need to follow in order to be able to make a purchase abroad in each case. As usual, in order to buy a pass with this cheat, you will need to use a VPN, preferably a paid one.

Get a balance at a lower price

gamivo xbox card balance.jpg

To complete this last process, you need to buy balance keys from stores like CD Keys or Gamivo. Many of these stores sell credit cards that are worth more than the price you pay for them. For example, you can buy a €50 card for around €40.

Offers will always be subject to stock availability. We encourage you to check these websites from time to time and buy cards when you see a price drop. This way, you will be able to buy a Game Pass subscription at a much lower price.

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