How to heal and restore health in Evil Dead The Game

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The health system in The Evil Dead is very easy to remember. Instead of healing when picking up items, you stack health items and then decide when to increase your health. All you need is Shemp’s Cola.

How to heal in Evil Dead

To heal the traditional way, all you have to do is take Shemp’s Coke and then press 2 (PC) or D-pad Up (Xbox and PlayStation) to use it. This will replenish a lot of your health at once and is the only way to heal in the game. When searching for Shemp’s Cola, be sure to use your flashlight as it will illuminate it so you can enter it.

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You can only carry a set amount, so be sure to mark it for others if you don’t need it. To mark a health item, press L2 (PlayStation), LT (Xbox), or Alt (PC) to highlight it for other survivors.

As a demon, you cannot heal, so all possessions and your demon form will slowly drain your health. As soon as you master something else or return to your spiritual form, you will fully restore your health.

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