How to Right Click on a Mac

Explaining how to right-click on a Mac seems like a throwback to the past. After all, Apple ditched the one-button mouse back in 2005, and this question remains a frequently asked one to this day.

Why? Well, one look at Apple’s Magic Mouse and trackpad makes it clear: there is not a single button in sight, let alone the right one!

Pair this with the myth that Apple still doesn’t support right-clicking (it introduced the one-button mouse in 1983 and stuck with it for 22 years, despite Windows users long accustomed to using two buttons). ) and you can see where the confusion is. arises.

However, right-clicking is an integral part of macOS, and there are several ways to do it, whether you’re using the best mouse or trackpad. So, if you’ve just switched from PC to Mac, are doing a little research, or are completely confused and need some advice, then you’ve come to the right place.

How to Right Click on a Mac

In general, here are your options:

  • Connect a mouse and use its right mouse button.
  • Use the right corner of the Apple Magic Mouse
  • Tap the trackpad with two fingers
  • Click the corner of the trackpad
  • Press the control button while clicking the mouse
  • Press the control button by clicking on the trackpad

Read on to see detailed instructions for each.

Connect a mouse and use its right mouse button.

The idea of ​​right-clicking goes back to the invention of the multi-button mouse. So it’s only fitting that connecting a mouse to your Mac will immediately give you the option to right-click – all you have to do is press the right mouse button!

But what if you don’t see the right button? For example, the Apple Magic Mouse is smooth and doesn’t seem to have anything on it to click on. But it is so. In this case, you just need to press the part of the mouse where the right-click button should be (that is, in the upper right corner of the device).

Here is how you can connect your mouse depending on your type.

1. If you are using a wired mouse, connect it to a USB port on your Mac. Your Mac will automatically detect its presence and the right-click feature will become available.

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2. Similarly, if you are using a wireless dongle mouse, plug the dongle into a USB port on your Mac. Again, your Mac will detect its presence and when using your mouse, you will be able to press the right button.

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3. If you are using a Bluetooth mouse, you may need to pair it (unless it is the mouse that came with your Mac). Turn on the mouse and make sure it is within range of your Mac.

If it has a lightning cable, plug one end into your mouse and the other into your Mac. It should automatically connect.

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4. If not, click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your Mac screen (use a wired mouse or trackpad) and choose System Preferences.

How to Right Click on a Mac

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5. Tap Bluetooth from the row of icons that appear and select Enable Bluetooth. When the mouse appears in the list, click Connect or Pair. As before, the mouse will work, allowing you to use the right click!

How to Right Click on a Mac

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Tap the trackpad with two fingers

If you’re using a trackpad and not a mouse, there are two ways to click using only the trackpad.

1. The default gesture is to press the trackpad with two fingers to right-click.

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2. You can also click the corner of the trackpad, but this needs to be adjusted. First of all, click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your Mac’s screen and choose System Preferences.

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3. Select Trackpad from the list of icons.

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4. Now select the Point and Click tab and select Two Finger Click. You can change this to Click in the bottom right corner or Click in the bottom left corner. This is where the right click function will now be located.

How to Right Click on a Mac

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Press the control button while pressing

Whether you are using a mouse or trackpad, you can also right-click by pressing the control button.

Simply left-click or click the trackpad while holding the Control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard. This will show you the options related to right clicking.

How to Right Click on a Mac

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And here it is. Now you know how to right click on Mac. If you can’t get your Mac to recognize or pair with Bluetooth devices, learn how to troubleshoot and reset Bluetooth on Mac. You can also learn how to enable hidden trackpad on iPhone or iPad.

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