How to see Emmanuel Macron’s speech on YouTube or the Internet this March 31 at 8 p.m.

While the health situation in France continues to deteriorate, with an occupancy rate of intensive care beds now reaching 90% according to the Ministry of Health, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron will hold a solemn address this Wednesday, March 31 in 8 p.m. during which he will review the evolution of the pandemic. Rumors have it that he could also announce new restrictions, or even a new generalized lockdown.

This evening, as always, the speech will be broadcast on television, in particular on 24-hour news channels. However, if you cannot access a TV set, you can still follow it live on the Internet with your smartphone or your computer. Here is how to do it.

Watch the talk on YouTube

Several options are available to you, the easiest in our opinion is to use YouTube. To do this, simply launch the reader below from your smartphone or your PC:

Watch the talk with Molotov TV

Otherwise, another very practical solution that will allow you to quickly find the TV channels of your choice: Molotov TV. This is a service allowing access from any device to free TNT channels. You can download it in Windows, Mac, iOS or Android version by following the link below: is a platform that offers to watch French TV channels live or in streaming. Free for its basic offer, it also offers subscriptions with more channels and better quality.

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See the speech on the websites of the TV channels

Otherwise, be aware that non-stop news channels such as France Info, LCI, CNEWS or BFM TV are accessible free of charge on the Internet:

Ditto for other TNT channels such as TF1 and France 2:

What are the expected announcements?

The most insistent rumor about the announcements expected this evening is the closure of schools, as requested by Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris and / or the delay / extension of the school vacation period by a few weeks. In addition to this possible measure, we also mention the possibility of seeing new departments under increased vigilance join the list of those currently subject to reinforced measures (limitation of trips during the day, closure of certain shops, etc.), which includes France’s Island. Moreover, these measures could also be extended to the whole country. Police checks could in the process be reinforced. But there is also another possibility: that of strict confinement in certain regions or even everywhere in France, like the month of March 2020 or possibly the month of November. To find out more, you’ll have to wait until 8 p.m. tonight.

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