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The world of Teyvat is too beautiful to be forgotten. When you travel through the forests of Sumeru or the plains of Liyue, some of the panoramas are breathtaking. These moments don’t have to go away thanks to Genshin Impact Photo Mode. As long as you’re not in combat or dialogue, you can take a photo anywhere in the game world. Here’s how to take a photo in Genshin Impact, as well as using the additional tools provided.


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To access photo mode, open the main menu. Then look for the camera icon on the left sidebar. After selecting this icon, you will enter photo mode. In this mode, time will keep running and you can still be attacked by enemies. If you are attacked, the photo mode will close.

Basic photo mode controls

Genshin photo mode screen with dedicated zoom, photo, and tilt/pan buttonsImage from professional game guides

To take a photo, press ENTER on your keyboard or SHARE for PlayStation players. The frame can be adjusted by moving the zoom slider on the left side of the screen or scrolling the mouse wheel. You can tilt the camera using O and adjust the camera movement with A and D. If you want more cinematic controls, press F1 to open a menu of additional controls.

Advanced photo mode controls

advanced genshin impact photo mode controlsScreenshot from Pro Game Guides

To open the advanced control menu, press F1 for PC players or R1 for PlayStation players. This will give you access to background blur if you only want to focus on your character. This blur can be adjusted using the Blur Distance and Blur Radius sliders. “Blur Distance” simulates the aperture of a camera, which controls the depth of field in a frame. “Blur Radius” controls the intensity of the blur.

In the “Other” column, you can invite your character to look at the camera, or you can hide the character altogether. If you choose “Hide Personal Information”, your UID in the bottom right corner will be replaced with the Genshin Impact logo, hiding your identity in the game.

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Poses and expressions of characters

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Each character has three poses you can choose from that are universal across all characters. While idle, your character will still perform the idle animation, but in the other two poses, it will remain stationary. You can also choose from three expressions, although these expressions are unique to each character. Expressions can be unlocked by increasing the friendship level with that character.

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