How to Use Find My Phone on Android

Google’s Android OS comes with a handy feature that helps you find your Android phone. This feature is called Find My Device and works with both tablets and smartphones. This guide is designed to show you how to use Find My Device on Android.

The Find My Android Device feature makes it easy to find your devices using another Android device or your computer. You will first need to set up this feature on your Android device, once that is done you can use it to search for a range of devices.

How to set up Find My Device on Android?

To use Find My Device on an Android smartphone, you first need to enable the feature on your phone.

This can be done from the settings menu on your device. To enable this feature on your Android phone, go to Settings, then Security, find Find My Device, and turn it on.

I can’t find this feature on my device.

If this feature is not listed in the settings, your manufacturer may have installed an alternative application. You can still use the Google Find My app and download it directly from the Google Play Store. More information about it can be found here.

Now that you have installed the application, you need to enable it in the settings, this can be done by following the steps above. Go to Settings > Security > Find My Device and turn this feature on.

How to use this feature to find your phone?

Once you enable this feature and install the app on your Android phone, you can easily track the device if you lost it.

You can track your device directly from the Google website or from an app on another Android device such as a tablet on which you have enabled this feature. Here is a link to the Google Find My website.

You will then be shown the location of any devices on which you have enabled this feature. If your phone is lost, you can lock your device, as well as remotely wipe it, and more. We hope you find this guide helpful and we hope it allows you to track your Android devices. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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