How to use Microsoft Teams encrypted calls

Microsoft Teams users who would like to make sure that no thirdparty apps or users are monitoring calls or meetings held in the software will be happy to know that Microsoft allows you to encrypt your oneonone group calls. Prevention of any third party snooping or unwanted eavesdropping using a maninthemiddle attack or a similar attack. This quick tutorial will show Microsoft Teams how to use endtoend encrypted oneonone calls, and you’ll be pleased to know that it’s pretty easy to set up and you can be sure you’re using secure encrypted calls in Teams. .

“To protect against a maninthemiddle attack between a caller and a callee, Microsoft Teams uses a 20character security code from the SHA256 fingerprints of the caller’s and callee’s endpoint call certificates. The caller and called party can check the 20digit security codes by reading them to each other to see if they match. If the codes do not match, then the communication between the caller and the called party has been intercepted by a maninthemiddle attack. If the call has been compromised, users can end the call manually.”

Microsoft Teams Encrypted

This quickstart shows you how to secure Microsoft Teams calls by enabling endtoend encryption in the Teams admin center:

1. First, sign in to your Teams admin center with your secure credentials.
2. Then go to “More Settings” > “Enhanced Encryption Policies”.
3. Now just name the new policy, then for endtoend call encryption choose that users can enable it.
4. Save the newly created policy.
5. Now assign the new policy to users, groups, or your entire tenant in the same way you manage other Teams policies, and you’re ready to make endtoend encrypted calls with Microsoft Teams.

It’s worth noting that even if your company’s IT administrator has set up an advanced encryption policy, it won’t be automatically deployed for Microsoft Team users to get E2EE in onetoone calls. Once the policy is created, users will need to manually enable endtoend encryption for their oneonone calls. This can be done simply in the top right corner of the Teams window, where you can select the profile picture or the ellipsis next to the profile picture, and then select Settings > Privacy. You’ll then see a toggle that allows you to turn endtoend encryption on and off for Microsoft Teams calls.

Endtoend encryption in calls

Microsoft explains how to quickly make sure you’re really on an endtoend encrypted call when using Microsoft Teams.

“In this release, users will see an encryption indicator in the Teams calling window in the upper left corner. This indicator shows that the call is encrypted. Microsoft 365 encryption technologies encrypt every Teams call. If the call is successfully encrypted endtoend, both parties will see an endtoend encryption indicator in the Teams call window. The Teams endtoend encryption indicator is a padlocked shield. Hover your mouse pointer over the endtoend encryption indicator to display endtoend encryption confirmation of the call. Teams also displays the security code for the call. To ensure that endtoend encryption is working properly, ensure that the same security code is displayed to both parties in the call.”

Source: Microsoft

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