How to use power saving mode in macOS Monterey?

With macOS Monterey, Apple’s operating system has received a number of improvements. Among them, one of the most interesting is the power saving mode. iPhone users already know this. This includes changing the configuration of the device in order to preserve its autonomy as much as possible.

This mode reduces power consumption by automatically dimming the screen and reducing processor power. Not only does this extend your machine’s battery life, it also makes it quieter as the fans don’t have to spin to cool the CPU.

Of course, the problem is that as you throttle the CPU, you lose some power. However, since the power saving mode can be turned on and off quite easily, you can turn it on and off as you wish. In other words, when you need more battery life, turn it on, and when you need more power, turn it off.

But then how to activate the power saving mode in macOS Monterey? Follow the leader.

Required characteristics

The only thing you need is a macOS Monterey device. Here, the demonstration will be conducted on a MacBook Pro with operating system version 12.5.

How to use power saving mode in macOS Monterey?

1. Open System Preferences

First, open the System Preferences app. To do this, click on the apple icon in the upper left corner of the desktop. This will open a drop down menu. In this drop-down menu, click System settings.

Apple dropdown menu.

Picture: Jack Wallen.

2. Go to battery settings

In the window System settingsfind and click on the option Battery.

The System Preferences window in macOS Monterey.

Picture: Jack Wallen.

3. Turn on power saving mode

To access the power saving option, press Battery in the left sidebar. In this window you will see the option Energy saving mode. Check the appropriate box to enable it.

Battery configuration section in System Preferences.

Picture: Jack Wallen.

Power saving mode will be activated immediately and your device will start using less battery. Remember that you won’t have the same level of performance as usual. If you find that certain applications (or the operating system in general) are running slower, here’s why.

When you no longer need power saving mode, simply reverse the process and your machine will return to full power and normal power consumption.

This option is a great way to extend your laptop’s battery life, allowing you to work and play longer without worrying about running out of power. If you’re on the go, power saving mode is a must. You will extend the battery life of your device and the performance impact should not be too severe.

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