How to use split screen on iPad

Since the release of iPadOS 13 and later of the tablet operating system, Apple has made available a fantastic feature called Split View that allows you to be more productive when using your iPad. Allows you to see two applications side by side while working on both at the same time, allowing you to browse perhaps a web page and write a Pages document, a dissertation, or check email at the same time. Split Screen on iPad provides many new ways to use iPad apps, and this quick guide will show you how to use Split Screen on iPad tablets.

As explained earlier, this feature is only available on iPads running iPadOS 13 and later and allows you to open two different apps or two windows from the same app at the same time on the iPad screen, as shown in the image above. After splitting the screen on iPad, you have the option to slightly resize both apps, depending on your preferences and viewing needs. In the middle of the split screens is a small area that allows you to resize the split apps as you like. Drag it left or right to resize the split screen on iPad based on your needs.

For example, if you want to have both the Email and Messages apps open at the same time, you can use the iPad’s split screen feature to do so. Or you can open two windows from the messages app and have two conversations going on at the same time between two different contacts.

drag split screen to iPad

How to split screen on iPad

1. Once your iPad boots up with iPadOS 13 or higher, you will have access to the split screen feature.

2. When using the app on an iPad, simply swipe up from the bottom edge to open the dock.

3. Then select the second app by holding the app icon in the dock.

4. Once selected, drag the app icon to the left or right side of the iPad screen and you will see both apps sit next to each other in a split view.

If two apps are already in split screen mode on your iPad, you can easily replace one app by repeating the steps above and dragging the app icon from the dock over the already open split screen app. If you want to split the viewing area equally, simply drag the app divider to the center of the iPad screen and release.

Closing apps in Split View

After you’ve finished using the apps and would like to return to the single view. Simply drag the app divider to the left or right edge of the iPad screen. For example, if you want to close an app located on the left side of the iPad screen, move the app divider to the left side of the iPad screen and that app will be automatically removed from view.

It’s also worth mentioning that Apple has created a Slide Over mode for its iPad that allows you to place and overlay apps on top of others. Below are instructions on how to open the app in Slide Over mode on an iPad.

Converting an app from Split View to Slide Over

To bring an app out of split view on top of another app, simply swipe down from the top of the app. It’s worth remembering that only select iPads support this feature and currently include iPad mini 5th generation and up, iPad Air 3rd generation and up, iPad 6th generation and up, and iPad Pro 10.5 inch, 11 inch and 12.9 inch second generation. and higher.

If you want to directly use the Slide Over feature on your iPad, please follow the instructions below.

Slide on iPad

1. When you use the app on iPad, swipe up from the bottom edge and pause to open the dock.

2. Select and hold the app you want to open and drag it over the iPad dock.

3. Apple also allows you to open a third app in Slide Over on supported iPads. Just drag the app from the dock to the split screen divider Split screen divider.

4. Once the apps are open on your iPad, you can switch between them by tapping on the app you want to view if it’s visible.

5. Apple has also made it possible to move Slide Over windows around the iPad screen. For example, to move a window to the other side of the screen, simply drag it from the top of the Slide Over window. To move the Slide Over window back onto the screen, select an open app and swipe left from the right edge of the screen. Finally, to close or remove the window from view, drag the top of the window off the right edge of the iPad screen.

If you need more help using split screen on your iPad, it might be worth heading over to the official Apple support site using the link below, or scheduling an appointment with an Apple Genius Bar representative to help you resolve any issues you’re experiencing. can experience.

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