How to use the new Google Sheets sidebar

Google Sheets is a popular tool for collaborating and tracking projects and things like sales goals. As part of a visual overhaul, Google Sheets is enriched with a sidebar to highlight comments and display conversation threads.

The sidebar might seem like a minor change, but it could make collaboration a lot easier with the ability to review and filter comments to get the job done. Users can also browse document discussion threads.

It should be easier to respond to conversations, resolve them, or start new ones when working with colleagues. The sidebar also allows users to see all ongoing conversations in a spreadsheet.

Improve workflow and collaboration

Users can also perform sidebar actions when tasks are performed or conversations have been resolved.

“Comments are a powerful way to chat and collaborate wherever you and your coworkers are, at any time. By making it easier to review, respond to and resolve comments in Sheets, it’s easier to collaborate to create more impactful data and analysis, ”notes Google.

Sheets users can view comments by clicking the comment icon in the app bar. The comment icon is next to the green “Share” button and brings up a comments box.

The Smart Canvas collaboration layer

After opening it, users can make an “@” reference to the person they want to notify and then assign them the comment to let them know that they’re responsible for marking the issue as complete.

There is also an option to “open all comments” in the sheet tab, as well as “open” any comments anchored in a particular cell.

Google Sheets, which is part of Workspace, is one of the office productivity apps that Google is working on to bring its idea of ​​Smart Canvas to life – a layer designed to link together documents created in different apps in Workspace. A key part of this vision is the ability to comment in each app, to help users improve workflow and collaborate on projects and documents.

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