HP Unveils Robot to Automate Drawing Plans for Buildings Under Construction

HP introduces a robotic solution to help construction professionals. Introduced on September 14, 2022, SitePrint is a robot that automates the drawing of plans for buildings under construction.

The robot avoids obstacles

HP SitePrint is described as a technology package designed to automate the process of drawing drawings using an autonomous robot that can work in a jobsite environment. HP offers a variety of inks based on surfaces, environmental conditions, and durability requirements.

The robot, which automatically avoids obstacles, is easy to transport as it is light and compact. It can be controlled and configured remotely using the touch panel. The cloud platform allows you to prepare plans to be printed and monitor the usage and progress of the robot.

HP claims that SitePrint can print complex lines and objects with high fidelity. Printing the plan also provides an opportunity to collect additional data for a digital site model.

More extensive marketing in 2023

With its new solution, HP hopes to seduce the construction sector, which, according to the company, accounts for 13% of global GDP. “Technology adoption and digitalization can help construction companies achieve greater productivity,” said Daniel Martinez, vice president and general manager of HP’s Large Format Printing Business. SitePrint aims to address both labor shortages and low productivity.

SitePrint is already available to select customers in North America through the Early Access program. The solution has been tested in more than 80 pilot projects, including large construction companies. The robot has been used in multiple environments for residences, parking lots, airports and hospitals. The final product and wider commercial launch is scheduled for late 2023.

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