HR technologies that will define the sector in 2021

According to Kenjo, only 37% of HR experts are confident in their ability to handle new technologies.

Cloud services are seen as a way to reduce costs, both financial and time, for businesses

Companies that invest in quality onboarding processes can improve the efficiency of new hires by up to 70%

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Amid the pandemic, human resources (HR) departments have faced a myriad of challenges. It is through their coordination that businesses have been able to cope with the home office revolution, with an emphasis on health and work / life balance, among other transformations. However, 2021 will not be a period of stabilization. According to Possible Works, this will be a year in which various technologies begin to define the future:

IA: Technologies for HR efficiency

In various business environments, algorithms are being used even more frequently to streamline operations. In human resources units, artificial intelligence (AI) will be used for complex efficiency analyzes. They will also be used as a tool that encourages greater engagement of all employees. At the same time, it will help recruiters filter and find talent even more precisely and quickly.

Cloud management

All companies use cloud technologies to develop much more agile work strategies. HR units will also be part of this transformation. With systems of this type, it will not only be possible for more employees to work remotely. It will also be much easier to expand or reduce business operations according to the needs of the business. This should make the use of resources much more precise in the future.

Technologies and continuous development

With more innovations introduced to workspaces, a good chunk of the business will likely need to improve their skills in the medium term. Otherwise, they won’t be able to get the most out of the tools the company provides them. In this context, personalized and online learning platforms will also be essential for employees to receive adequate training in a timely manner.

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Well-being and performance programs

Human resources departments should integrate both concepts comprehensively into workflows. For this, continuous real-time management and monitoring will be required. In this sense, it is necessary to find technologies that make it possible to analyze not only what the performance of employees is. It also helps identify exactly what is preventing each person from reaching their full potential, as well as design solutions.

Shared economy and flexible technologies

Another element that human resources departments must take into account is the trend towards outsourcing. A good portion of companies say they are more interested in hiring freelancers and freelancers to take on certain tasks in the future. This means that platforms must be developed to be able to integrate the work of these external collaborators in an organic way, without compromising productivity.

Virtual reality for HR

One of the most interesting technologies, but one that might still be a bit far from being fully implemented. Job interviews, onboarding processes, and even candidate testing can be negotiated through immersive digital environments. Not only will they be a less invasive way to introduce new employees to the organization. It should also be a way to track healthy distance and health precautionary measures in the pandemic.

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