HTH: Community Donations May Accelerate Lindsay Base Camp’s Plan to Get Rid of Street Veterinarians

We looked at the needs of this community project for Helping Assistants this week.

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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – According to official figures from Lindsay Base Camp, about 70 veterans sleep on the streets every night in our area.

Steve Halloway, a veteran and board member of Lindsay Base Camp, said that while he was not in the military when he was homeless, he knows the experience first-hand.

“It’s unpleasant, you feel less valuable, you feel insignificant because nobody knows that you are there, you are out of sight,” Halloway said. “They are not there by choice, they are there because they cannot cope with the real world.”

This is why he believes in Lindsay Base Camp and what it can mean to the men and women who have served our country and now need help.

“I was lucky that I never saw a fight, but I can understand and sympathize with those who saw, because they saw and did things that we cannot even imagine,” said Halloway.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Tara Bryant said COVID-19 came like a hurricane, stopping all progress they made.

“In 2019, we acquired a building that we were building up to start construction and function, starting with funds and donations, because it all came in,” Bryant said.

Everything looks a little gloomy now.

“Our initial construction budget was about $ 400,000, with the cost of construction being what it is and what needs to be done we expect to get close to $ 650,000 to get the building up and running,” Bryant said.

Bryant said this does not include day-to-day running costs following the opening of the building.

This in itself is a little over $ 500,000.

Bryant said they missed out on more than half of the donations they would normally receive.

“The grant funds won’t go that far, and we want it to be a community project, this is Wichita Falls and helping veterinarians not only from Sheppard, but from everywhere,” said Halloway.

However, with donations from the community, they were able to expedite their project to complete this facility and get our veterinarians off the streets.

They hope the transition house will be open and operational by January 2022.

Find out how you can help with this.

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