Huawei: Cloud, AI and networks, essential technologies for digital development (Eric Xu) | MAP Express

Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 12:56 pm

Casablanca – Cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and networks are three essential technologies for achieving digital development, said rotating president of the Huawei group, Eric Xu.

“Digital development is based on technologies and for these technologies to remain relevant, we must continue to innovate and create value,” said Mr. Xu at the “Huawei Connect 2021” conference, held from September 23 to 25. cloud, AI and networks are three fundamental digital technologies to achieve this digital development.

The rotating president of the world leader in telecommunications, who started this edition of 2021 under the slogan “Immerse yourself in digital,” also underlined that this annual event explores how new technologies can adapt. To meet new challenges for industries and global commerce and how Stakeholders in these industries can work together to create a robust ecosystem.

In his highly anticipated speech, Mr. Xu also explained how Huawei’s mission is to make digital accessible to all people, households and institutions for a fully connected and intelligent world, highlighting some of the progress made by his group in the fields of cloud, AI and networks.

This event featured four conferences, five summits, and 66 sessions, with over 200 speakers, including industry experts, business leaders, leading technology experts, and partners.

“Huawei Connect 2021” was streamed live in 11 languages ​​on the Huawei Group website and the group’s media partners. The event program also featured the organization of online exhibitions, remote tours of exhibition halls, and open panel discussions, allowing for online interaction and unique experiences.

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