Hubble telescope parasitizes satellite constellations –

Researchers who study images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope are increasingly influenced by satellite constellations such as SpaceX, OneWeb or GPS.

Hubble in trouble

A study published in the journal Nature Astronomy shows that, on average, 2.7% of Hubble’s images are now parasitic on the satellite plume, even if the telescope is at an altitude of 538 kilometers. You should be aware that most communication satellites are in low orbit, i.e. between 550 and 700 km, and that their number could increase dramatically in the coming years… For example, SpaceX plans to use 42,000 satellites compared to 3,200 today . Something must go wrong…

One solution would be to place the next surveillance satellites in high orbit, except that this would prevent possible maintenance interventions. In addition, there is almost no doubt that other objects will be placed ahead sooner or later. The software also allows you to erase traces, but the result is never perfect. Therefore, this issue remains unresolved.


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