Huge Bitcoin Scam in South Africa: Almost $ 4 Billion Evaporated! | Geek magazine

Be careful when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. The creators of these services must be truly impeccable as fraud risks exist, as we saw in South Africa.

Brothers Amir and Rais Keiji, 17 and 20 years old respectively, created the Africrypt cryptocurrency platform in Cape Town, South Africa. The stock exchange has attracted many investors … who may have lost everything. Two months ago, the two creators warned their customers that Africrypt was the victim of a computer attack that left the platform completely gone.

69,000 bitcoins turned into smoke

The amazing thing about this post, which is also the last sign of life for Amir and Raise Keiji, is that they are directly asking users not to notify law enforcement that it will only be ” postpone the recovery process “But in reality this time would have been used by the two brothers to organize their escape, having the Africrypt Foundation at hand.

All in all, about 69,000 bitcoins went up in smoke. At the time Africrypt disappeared, the cryptocurrency was at its peak: as a result, $ 4 billion flew away, and no one was able to trace it. Several clients turned to a law firm to assist them in their process and they were able to find traces of bitcoin manipulation on the exchange. dark web to erase his tracks.

But the treasure could not be found, as did the Keiji brothers, who, thanks to their message, were able to peacefully organize their vacation with these billions in their pockets. At the moment they are still nowhere to be found, and the accumulated money will give them enough to stay that way for the rest of their lives …

This case is reminiscent of what happened in Turkey, where the leaders of the platform for buying and managing cryptocurrency went bankrupt, taking with them $ 2 billion.

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