Human-machine fusion: after monkeys, first tests of the Neuralink chip in humans in 2022? –

Elon Musk, boss of Tesla and SpaceX, to annoncé il and who jours that the first tests of the puce Neuralink sur des humains pourraient démarrer in 2022. Ce minuscule implant cérébral devrait permettre aux personnes handicapées de récupérer leur capacité de mouvement grâce à El thought.

First for tetraplegics and tetraplegics

Elon Musk is firmly committed to his plan to merge man and machine. Begun in 2016 with the creation of his company Neuralink, this dream continues happy in 2021. In a brief interview with the Wall Street Journal, a few days ago, the head of Tesla and SpaceX assured that the first tests are expected in the ‘Male for start in 2022, after testing in monkeys. “We hope to be able to implant this device in our first humans, who will be people with severe spinal cord injuries, such as quadriplegics or quadriplegics, next year,” said Neuralink’s CEO.

A resounding success in a jumpsuit

The chip has already been tested in a monkey called Pager. The primate had managed to play table tennis on a computer without using a joystick thanks to telepathy. In other words, by your own thinking. To accomplish this feat, Neuralink engineers implanted electrodes in the region of the brain that controls movement before connecting the chip to this network. This success has attracted the attention of investors and the scientific world. That he had the gift of further fueling Elon Musk’s dream. He then hinted that this feat could soon be observed in humans.

In humans, this electronic chip would allow people with disabilities to regain their ability to move or control digital devices. This will require implanting the chip in the patient’s brain so that it transmits data invisibly over a wireless connection. As this part is too small to be manipulated by human beings, the Neuralink robots will take care of inserting it.

A test already postponed several times

Before beginning human testing, Elon Musk must first obtain approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The US agency that issues authorizations to authorize the marketing of drugs. Neuralink’s CEO is confident that the FDA will give its approval. “Our standards for implantation of devices are significantly higher than those of the FDA. As well as our safety standards with Tesla are much higher than what the US government requires, ”he says. However, some people have doubts about Neuralink’s ability to take this step. In fact, it has been several times that the company postponed its first human tests. He first set the end date for 2020, then 2021, and now 2022.

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