Hungarian F1 Grand Prix 2022 streaming, how to watch it? –

See you at 13:50 on the grid on Canal+ and F1 TV and on 15:00 start of the Hungarian Grand Prix..

How to watch Formula 1?

In France, the rights to Formula 1 have been owned by Canal+ since 2013 until the end of 2029. And although the channel has a package dedicated to sports, all Grand Prix can be viewed with the basic offer (same for MotoGP).

It also includes Canal+, Canal+ Décalé, Canal+ Séries, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Docs and Canal+ Grand Ecran. Thus, it is quite a complete and interesting bouquet.

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How do I subscribe to Canal+?

  • To subscribe to Canal+, follow this link.
  • Subscribe to “Standard” Canal+ costs from 20.99 euros per month. for 12 months (2 years commitment) and €24.99 per month without commitment. For those under the age of 26, the offer is displayed at an attractive price of 12.49 euros per month.
  • Subscribe to Canal+ Sport starts at €34.99 per month. for 12 months (2 years commitment) up to 45.99 €.
  • To cancel, it’s very simple. Go to Your Memberships & Subscriptions, click Manage Subscription. Now you can undo if you want.

The FIA ​​has its own broadcast platform, F1TV. For €64.99 per year (or €7.99 per month) you can watch Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3 Grand Prix and the Porsche Supercup live on F1TV Pro. New subscribers are offered a 7-day trial.

How to subscribe to F1TV Pro?

  • You can subscribe to F1TV Pro by this link.
  • F1TV Pro costs 64.99 euros per year.or 7.99 euros per month. New subscribers are eligible for a 7-day trial.
  • The access formula costs only 2.99 euros per month, but does not allow you to watch live broadcasts, only reruns.

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