Hunt Showdown: the Light the Shadow event is in full swing

Native hunters land in the game’s bayou Hunt Showdown. In order to celebrate their arrival, Crytek is offering you the chance to recruit two for free. Just participate in the event Light the shadow which runs from August 25 to September 22 and complete both Shadow Paths by accumulating Event Points. You’ll also have the chance to unlock a Hunting Bow, Tomahawk, and several legendary cosmetic items for your arsenal. Here’s how you can get your hands on all that loot:

Pierce the shadow in Light the Shadow

If you go the Hunting Bow Path first, you’ll have access to the Event Pass which will allow you to get your hands on, well, the Hunting Bow. It will also give you access to three types of special arrows, namely: the poisoned arrow, the Concertina arrow and the fragmentation arrow.

If you accumulate enough points, you will have the chance to unlock two new character traits for your hunters. The line Dewclaw increases the strength of the arrow bow melee attacks. The line Hundred Hands, As for it, increases the power of the bow at its maximum extent by 25% and reduces the sway of the weapon during the aim.

Lovers of cosmetic items will not be left behind since this path will allow you to secure two legendary weapon cosmetics: Faultless for the gun Caldwell Conversion as well as The Wayfinder for the arrow bow. And if you manage to complete this path before the allotted time runs out, the hunter “The Exiled” will join your ranks.

Split the shadow in Light the Shadow

If you choose to follow this path, it will open the door to the throwing ax as well as its legendary cosmetic item, the Tomahawk. You will also have the opportunity to unlock the character trait Assailant, which increases the damage inflicted with the ax and throwing knives.

With enough Event Points, this path will allow you to pick up another Legendary Weapon Cosmetic Item called Bayou phoenix for the Winfield Marksman. At the end of the path, the hunter “The Third Son” will join your team.

Of course, you will be able to complete both paths during the event, but you will need to complete the one you choose first before starting the second. Each path requires 1000 participation points in order to reach the final reward. The paths also include a few side rewards, including dollars Hunt and Blood bonds.

Walk the path of the shadows

In order to progress towards the event rewards, you will need to accumulate points. Points are accumulated by performing certain actions during a game. You will keep the points collected during the game even if your hunter does not survive his hunt. You will earn points by:

  • Extinguishing pyres (2 points)
  • Killing a Hive with an arc (2 points)
  • Killing a Armored with a throwing ax (2 points)
  • Activating a ward event (4 points)
  • Killing a boss (4 points)
  • Emptying the pockets of a dead hunter (5 points)

Points are shared with other members of your team, which means that you don’t have to be the person performing the action to earn the points. You will be able to use your dark sight to help you locate the pyres as well as the wards in your immediate environment. Since the base vision is 10 meters around you, you will probably be tempted to use a vial of vapors to increase it. You will be given a few level one vials when starting the event, but if you want to get more or go for more potent vials you will need to shell out Blood bonds in the game store.

light the shadow hunt showdown event

The event also gives you the chance to pick up two other legendary Native American hunters, available in the in-game store. The first, The Wayfarer, retails for 800 Blood Bonds. For the second, you will have to open your wallet. Teche Wraith is sold as Additional Content (DLC) and is part of a set that also includes two legendary weapon cosmetic items. For those interested in additional paid content, the majority of DLC of hunters and legendary cosmetics are on sale, ranging from 10% to 70% of the original price.

Don’t wait too long to collect Event Points if you are interested in all of these rewards as they will no longer be available after September 22. Happy hunting everyone!

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