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Remember we told you about this on a few months ago: an innovative initiative from a young Lyon startup created by Clement Barioz and César Travers, a local fish farm. Building a business dedicated to promoting a circular economy in pool equipment that first attracted SCP. Today it is the turn of Hydro Sud Direct, already launched under corporate social responsibility, to continue to reaffirm its commitment to a more responsible world.

Collection of faulty swimming pool robots for recycling

A small reminder for those who do not yet know the principle of this collaboration. Young entrepreneurs at the start of the startup, very environmentally conscious and very involved in sustainable development, are implementing actions that are part of the logic of the circular economy and the fight against waste by collecting and recycling pool robots. .

Therefore, Hydro Sud Direct decided to become a partner in these actions by collecting the malfunctioning robots reported by its customers. He then sends them to the nearest SCP agency or directly to the Local Piscine workshop. On site, technicians rebuild robots for future sale at a lower warranty price or recycle unusable parts.

Bold young men who we hope will be followed by many players in the profession.

Hydro Sud Direct Capital label and Local Piscine collection point logo

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