Hydrogen de France is successfully traded on Euronext Paris

Following the independent green electricity producer Neoen, which raised € 628 million in October 2018, the listing of Hydrogen de France on Euronext Paris will be the second largest in ten years for a clean tech company in the clean tech sector, according to the innovator. hydrogen electric company.

Bordeaux intended to issue 3.7 million new shares in the price range € 22.95 – € 31.05 collect 100 million euros. At the second stage, an option was put out to sell additional shares, which, if necessary, would raise another 32 million euros. To ensure the safety of the process, HDF has made a significant subscription commitment with Rubis and Teréga Solutions for 80 million euros.

Hydrogen de France plans to hold an IPO of 100 million euros

Two weeks later, Hydrogen de France announced “great IPO success on the regulated market Euronext in Paris “ with a share price of EUR 31.05, i.e. highest hypothesis. Aggregate demand made up 6.3 million tracksi.e. the overall oversubscription level 1.7 multiplied by the number of suggested titles and queries of 161.1 million euros for institutional investors in France and abroad as well as 35.3 million euros fores private persons in France.

Enough to allow the company to easily meet its capital increase target of 132.2 million euros, including 17.2 million from the renewal clause. This amount can be increased to 152 million euros in the event that its managers initiate a reallocation option. This listing on Euronext now values ​​a 25-employee SME based in Lormont at € 425.7 million.

“We very happy and proud the trust that we have testifiede French institutional investors and foreigners as well numerous individual shareholders, participating extensively in our presentation on the exchange… With this operation, the Company acquirede means fifinancial to accelerate its development On the market hydrogenelectricity, in full boom in all regions of the world… Pioneer worldwide, Hydrogen de France intends to take advantage of the acquired strategic positions, ”- says Damien Havard.

The latter is clearly aimed at leading positions in the emerging market for plants for continuous power generation or on-demand power generation from hydrogen. as well as renewable energy sources and plans to achieve a turnover of 100 million euros in 2025, which is 50 times more than in 2020. The company also plans to build a high-power fuel cell plant in Bordeaux-Metropol from next year.

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