I., 22, Snapchat and WhatsApp dealer: “Today I earn as a civil servant, about 2000-2500 euros, sometimes less”

“I work as Uber Eats. I send my speeches to my address book on Snapchat and WhatsApp, and interested people respond to me. I mark their address and the desired delivery time, collect the money and give the camera.

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I like to say that I am a self-employed entrepreneur. Started on Snap after the second birth, at the end of 2020. Selling aunties [ecstasy]from C [cocaïne]some speed [amphétamine] and, of course, 3M [3-MMC, drogue de synthèse]. The biggest smoke [cannabis]. When I have a new client, I try to be generous and have a good sense of humor so that he sees that I am a good guy that he can trust.

“I prefer my eyes not to be bigger than my belly. The goal is to be attractive without selling. »

I often offer referrals in exchange for promotion: if the client gives my contact to friends [copains] who calls my services thanks to him, I will put it on well, I will make the cheapest gram. And his friends take turns sharing a good plan. It’s endless. In a sense, your clients start working for you. In the beginning, to make a repertoire, I went to clubs and parties a lot. You show up, offer your camera, you can offer some, and send in your 06. The goal is to get away with as many numbers and Snap profiles as possible. Then everything happens only in networks. Basically, it’s propaganda.

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I also make videos that I send privately. If I get good weed [cannabis]for example, I take off my camera and write something like: “Today, peufra [frappe] crazy, exceptional promotion: 10 per G [10 euros le gramme], first come – first served Equivalent in Russian: Eating late guest and bone. » I add my logo and a very dirty sound. Once the machine is up and running, all you have to do is reap the rewards. But I’m just a small seller. I prefer that the eyes are not larger than my belly. The goal is to be attractive without selling. I earn less, but as I sell more, I manage to find a way out. I do some temporary work on the side, construction and material handling, so I declare income and go unnoticed.

We are not going to lie to each other, it will help me in a more difficult end of the month. I would like to give my mother to an orphanage so that she would stop breaking her back, looking after other people’s children. I’ve been in business since I was 13 or 14, at that time I wasn’t making any money. Today I earn as a civil servant, about 2000-2500 euros, sometimes less. I earned my biggest amount in January: I won 4300 euros. I have sold a lot of 3M, very good at 25 balls per gram.

There is a lull in the summer in Panama, it will begin again at the beginning of the school year. My clients are young Parisians who want to have a fun weekend. I don’t touch it, I don’t take these m… I don’t like to lose control. I don’t want to forget that my life is miserable, otherwise how would I find the strength to get out of it? »

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