I couldn’t stop watching this HBO Max show to stream

Whatever is in the water on HBO Max, I want it. I just watched another HBO Max show (followed by Barry last week) and it made me wonder how I could miss such a good show the first time.

It’s probably because I’m one of those people who wants the show to have a second season before I venture into it. Could a Netflix list of canceled shows that only had one season actually make my brain wait for the show to be renewed?

Anyway, I just watched the entire first season of the show in less than a day – started it last night during an evening stroll and only stopped for a nap before watching the last two episodes before work. I’m not that kind of viewer. I like to let the show breathe a little, rather than inhale it, the way I devour a greasy plate at a midnight diner.

That’s why I was in a hurry to watch Hacks, the HBO Max comedy starring Jean Smart as veteran comedian and Las Vegas stalwart Deborah Vance. Hux was about to be back, so I was in the mood to catch up. This is one of those shows that has new episodes on a weekly basis and I really enjoy watching the show live when it airs. You can chat about it with people week after week and you don’t have the pressure to speed it up (guilty on charge).

So, that’s why “Hacks” – a show that has triggered a huge range of emotions in me – should be at the top of your queue.

Why do I love khaki so much

We know the world of stand-up comedy is full of terrible men, or at least we should keep an eye on the last decade or so. And while Hacks includes stories and examples of such caution (and one terrible comedy host comes to mind), it’s more about how hard it is to be a “difficult” woman in the industry.

A workplace comedy where the workplace is in Las Vegas, Hux finds Deborah Vance (Smart) at a point in her career where (like many older women) she is being pushed aside. Approaching her 2,500th show at the fictional Palmetto Casino, Palmetto CEO Marty Ghilain (Christopher McDonald, aka Gunslinger McGavin of Happy Gilmore) told Deborah that she would be doing fewer shows from now on. In fact, he wants to remove the weekend show dates. And then I started laughing.

Khaki at HBO Max

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When Deborah finds out about the band that is supposed to replace her, she loses her temper over the phone. It’s one of my favorite moments, partly because the a cappella group that replaces her is so over the top and stupid that you can’t help but side with her. Even if, you know, you don’t actually find her jokes that funny. Because there’s one thing about Deborah Vance’s comedy: it’s pretty broad. It’s not harsh. It’s not fashionable. And that’s part of her problem, because she hasn’t exactly changed her behavior over the years.

Here’s Ava Daniels (newcomer Hannah Einbinder), a young up-and-coming comedy writer who was effectively blacklisted in the industry for a tweet about hypocritical politics.

Hannah Einbinder as Ava Daniels and Poppy Liu as Kiki in Crackers

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Ava and Deborah get to know each other through the prodding of Jimmy (Paul W. Downes of Broad City), the manager they both hire. Neither of them likes the idea of ​​working with the other: Deborah writes her own stuff, and Ava almost turns her nose up at the idea of ​​working with someone who sells kaftans on QVC in her spare time.

Though they clash at first, Deborah brings Ava up to speed after she snaps under pressure from snide, belittling comments about her appearance. This is how you win a comedian’s trust: give as much as you get. The two soon turn into a watchable but difficult workplace as Deborah makes Ava feel body shy and asks too many personal questions.

Hannah Einbinder as Ava Daniels in Crackers

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However, when they got to know each other, Hux won me over. Deborah and Ava are imperfect people to root for and start rooting for each other. Ava is a mess at best, and Deborah’s hard shell was formed after a few rather brutal betrayals. I won’t spoil it, but at least one revelation really surprised me.

Why You Should Watch Hacks Tonight

Hannah Einbinder as Ava Daniels in Crackers

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There was no need to complete the hacks as fast as I could. Its first season consists of 10 episodes, each lasting about half an hour. And Hacks returns on May 12, giving you more than enough time to watch one episode a day and skip a day if you need to.

But don’t blame me if you find yourself just mesmerized by hacks like Ava in Vegas slots. But watch out for the four middle episodes.

The best episodes of Hux

Jean Smart (as Deborah Vance), Iris Bar (as Pearl) and Hannah Einbinder as Ava in Crackers

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From “The Fall” (Ep. 5) to “1.69 Million” (Ep. 8), Hux goes all out. Not only is “The Fall” an absolute roller coaster of an episode, but Deborah’s daughter, a DJ (Katelin Olson from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), gets some amazing moments in “The Tunnel of Love” (Episode 7). The best one is probably New Eyes, which could have been the episode that Jean Smart submitted for consideration for an award.

So, make sure you have about two hours of free time if you turn on episode 5 – you might just need to finish it. What did you say? Hux doesn’t stop after episode 8. Episode 10 gets amazingly touching and sad, which really impressed me.


I binge watched season 1 of Hacks and have no regrets. Part of my motivation is that we have a very good moment for new TV shows, and that’s just on HBO Max. Stewardess season 2 and Made for Love season 2 have new episodes every Thursday (and Atlanta season 3 always sneaks up on me on Thursday nights).

Season 3 of Barry comes out with new episodes every Sunday, and the rest of my hours will start to fill up with shows I know I need to give a try. “Our Flag Means Death” and “We Own This City” are in my queue and I know I need to watch them already.

So, seriously: give Hacks a shot if you haven’t already. Try again if you need to. Just make sure you don’t go crazy the next time you go to Vegas. The hacks will show you why this is a bad idea.

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