I Heart Dark Souls (ft. Otzdarva, Iron Pineapple and more!) – GameSpot

Although Dark Souls was not the first game in FromSoftware’s hugely successful Soulsborne series, it was one of the most influential, spawning an entire genre of games influenced by its Souls-like mechanics. Dark Souls has also won passionate fans around the world. This is a Dark Souls story told by fans.

Join Adam Mason, Easy Allies’ Brad Ellis, Caddicarus, Chris Morris, Dave Jewitt, DaveControl, RKG’s Gav Murphy and Rory Powers, Super BunnyHop, HeyZeusHeresToast, Iron Pineapple, Jesse Gender, LobosJR, Lucy James and Giant Bomb’s Tamura Hussain . Marz, Otzdarva, Prod, Quelaag, Sinclair and Sophie from SinclairLore tell the story of Dark Souls and discuss the impact it has had on them and the game Enjoy the first episode of I Heart Gaming with I Heart Dark Souls and let us know what future episodes you wanted to see and what kind of guests you hope to see.

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