“I pushed everyone”, the madness for a robot-cooker in a store in Saint-Berthevin

Customers in a hurry and even a little hysterical. Funny scene in front of the Lidl store in Saint-Berthevin near Laval this Thursday morning. It was the first day of sale of a multifunction robot-cooker called Monsieur Cuisine. About fifty Mayenne residents therefore waited for the opening at 8:30 a.m., to get the new must-have in kitchens.

“It’s a gadget that will really help me”

Lucien, Solange and another retired couple, crossed in the Lidl parking lot, come to hunt Monsieur Cuisine in a pack. “We go there quickly because we are afraid of missing out. There may not be something for everyone“They explain. Be careful, not knowing this new device is almost blasphemy to hear Yvette.”Don’t you know? Ah ba, you don’t have it“smiles the lady.

In the shelves some customers are running. Odilon comes out of the store with Monsieur Cuisine in his hands and his face relieved. “I missed it three times. A lot of people have praised me about this machine so I absolutely had to“declares the young man who got up early on purpose for the occasion.”I have itchy eyes, I slept badly, I had a lump in my stomach. _I think people will laugh at me in relation to the consumer society, all that. But I love to cook_, it’s a gadget that will really help me in my kitchen“continues this fan of chicken blanquette.

Odilon is the first customer to have purchased a Monsieur Cuisine at Lidl in Saint-Berthevin this Thursday, June 3, 2021 © Radio France
Martin cotta

40 devices sold in twenty minutes

In the parking lot, caddies parade. Roger pulls out the precious sesame. “It’s not for me but for my daughter. Cooking is not really my thing, but the price is good“declares the Laval resident. A madness that Antoine has trouble understanding.”It’s horrible, people are running around the store. I guess it’s worth it“breathes this client. Chantal is rather amused by the situation.”Ah it’s incredible this panic, I can’t believe it (…) I pushed everyone. There was a little man in front of me, I apologized because I had to push him around“. Twenty minutes after the store opened, around forty Monsieur Cuisine was sold.

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