I tested Pulidiki, a car cleaning adhesive.

I don’t know if it’s the same with you, but at my house my kids had periods of big slime. Shiny slime, stinky slime, slime that changes color with temperature, unicorn slime… Not to mention the countless slime recipes that you can make at home with ingredients that I need to have on hand but that I always have to buy. (By the way, if anyone needs two kilos of borax, write!)

Anyway, I thought I had finally moved on when I was asked to test Pulidiki, a kind of cleaning adhesive for hard-to-reach corners in cars (such as air vents, shifter, knobs, CD slots, cup holders, or key locks). wells), but also at home and in the office (computer keyboard, printer, calculator, remote control, etc.). So we ordered the product on Amazon for $19.98 for 160 grams. The price of the product seems to fluctuate a lot, as the same product sells for $9.75 at the time of this writing.

First downside: The item we received was much more liquid than we can tell by looking at the photos on Amazon. It is much more stuck on the fingers and expanded to infinity. To find out if we just got a poor quality product, we made a second order, which was a little stronger. Reading user comments about the product, I quickly realized that we were not the only ones experiencing this situation. Some customers have suggested chilling the product to improve the texture. Unfortunately, this solution did not suit us: the Pulidiki remained just as sticky.


However, we decided to test our Pulidics by cleaning our cars (which, let’s face it, were very, very dirty). To be honest, it works really well! The product is really capable of retaining dust and penetrating into hard-to-reach corners.

Surprisingly, the texture even seems to get better as you use it and dust builds up on it. There is something extraordinarily pleasant about cleaning a car or objects with this product. I came to inspect the whole house in search of what else can be cleaned.

We should also mention that Pulidiki emit a smell. In my opinion, it is not too strong and not too unpleasant, but if you are very sensitive, you may find it uncomfortable.

In conclusion, if the texture of the product were a little firmer, I think I would be much happier. As it stands, I find it too sticky for regular use.

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