“I told myself I was young”: Florent Pagny asked Emmanuel Macron to legalize cannabis

CONFIDENCES – In an interview with “Femme Actuelle”, Florent Pagny reveals that he broached the thorny issue of legalizing cannabis during an interview with Emmanuel Macron in 2018. The singer, a longtime consumer, was obviously unsuccessful.

At least you will have tried your luck. In an interview with Femme Actuelle this week, Florent Pagny reveals that he broached the issue of cannabis legalization during an interview with Emmanuel Macron in 2018.

“I told myself that I was young, that I could hear,” said the singer in the interview. He replied: “In France, it will be difficult. Too bad … However, we can clearly see the benefits of therapeutic use, and in the decrease of minor crimes,” he stresses.

This is not the first time that the famous jury of “La Voz” has ruled in favor of the legalization of cannabis. “I’ve been smoking it for 30 years,” he explained in 2016 in Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s “Divan” on France 3. “It stabilized me when I was older, because I kept this side very nervous and that put me in a state where I charge a lot. I think of it as a medicine. It allows me to be more open and more receptive, it cures me of paranoia. “

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Trois ans later, the nouveau boarding is subject to the plateau d’On in the past on couch sur France 2. “The seule solution pour tout gerer, tout savoir et pour pouvoir tout calibrer, c’est de légaliser”, explains -He. “That way you will know who consumes, what consumes, you can be careful. We will eliminate all this petty crime and we can also calm the big business. And the States will be able to manage it ”.

Emmanuel Macron, for his part, recently reiterated his opposition to any form of decriminalization. “To say that hashish is innocent is more than a lie,” he said this summer in an interview with Le Figaro. “Cognitively, the effects are disastrous. How many young people, because they started smoking in college, drop out of the school system altogether and waste their opportunities? And I’m not even talking about the effects of using more aggressive drugs.”

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