“I touched everything a little bit”: Florent Pagny on his experience with drugs

Florent Pagny is known for his frankness and sincerity. The singer returned to trust his past, especially his experience with drugs.

In the columns of the Ciné Télé Revue magazine on September 23, 2021, Florent Pagny addressed his occasional drug use in the past without taboo, admitting to having used a little of everything.


A look back at milestones in the life of Florent Pagny. The singer was kind enough to speak his mind about drugs because, as he made it known, he has been there. For his part, the coach of “La Voz” admits that his problem is that he is hyperactive, and it would be the cannabis that calmed him down.

“I still did a lot of drug experiments, dabbled in everything, just to find out what it was,”


And among all these substances, it is particularly cannabis that he prefers. Florent Pagny still made it known that he used cannabis as a medicine, even today.


If Florent Pagny has immersed himself in drugs, it does not mean that he encourages others to do so. In fact, the interpreter of Saber amar especially recommends not immersing yourself in these substances at the time of growth. We must wait until we have grown sufficiently, the metabolism sufficiently structured.

Only once he has reached a certain age and a certain body type could the singer recommend cannabis, especially since he is in favor of the decriminalization of cannabis.


Invited to the RFM microphone on September 18, 2021, Florent Pagny said what he thinks of the statue in tribute to Johnny, and the singer did not beat around the bush.

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