I tried the Kobo Clara 2E e-reader.

Released last September, Clara 2E is Kobo’s latest e-reader. Interestingly, its body is 85% recycled plastic. Like most popular e-reader models, it has a 6-inch screen, which is close to the size of a pocket book.

Selling for $160, the Clara 2E compares favorably with Kobo’s most affordable model, the $130 Nia reader: its resolution is higher (300ppi vs. water resistant (IPX8) and has more storage (16GB rather than 8GB).

So it’s roughly the equivalent of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, selling for about the same price and with very similar specs. However, in testing, I found the Kobo to be quite slow, even when compared to Amazon’s base model, the 2022 Kindle ($130). This was noticeable when it came to using the numeric keypad, navigating menus, and turning pages.

Very versatile

However, like all Kobo e-readers, the Clara 2E has one big advantage over Amazon’s Kindles: a more open environment, making it a more versatile model. For example, Kobo e-books allow you to connect to the Pocket service to read long articles saved on the web. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, they also allow you to listen to audiobooks on headphones, although in my few tests the sound quality sometimes leaves something to be desired.

But the biggest advantage of Kobo readers over Kindles is that they allow you to borrow digital books in EPUB format from library websites (including BAnQ, available to all Quebecers). The transfer of books between the computer (which is used to download the file) and the reader is done through Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software, which is notorious for its capriciousness. My advice: if you buy a Kobo eBook, install ADE version 3, which has fewer bugs than newer versions like 4.5. Here you will find version 3 of ADE.


Considering its price and features, the Clara 2E offers a lot for a reasonable $160 if you’re willing to settle for slow performance. If you’d rather buy books than borrow them, and you’re an Amazon loyal customer, the 2022 Kindle ($130) or Kindle Paperwhite ($150 for 8GB or $160 for 16GB) might be a good choice. performance point of view.

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