I was hiding drugs in a preschool

He thought he had found the perfect hiding place. In the town of Saint-Denis, in Seine-Saint-Denis, a young merchant was arrested, on Sunday, September 19, in a nursery, when he was coming to collect his cannabis merchandise. According to Le Parisien, on Tuesday, September 21, the young man hid about 700 grams of cannabis resin, all hidden in an old printer at the Rouillon establishment. The suspect, who also had 1,400 euros in cash in his pocket, was arrested.

The 19-year-old is a well-known police dealer “found very frequently at heroin outlets” in the department. Police officers had spotted him earlier today as he was climbing across the school grounds. He leaves a few minutes later to go to a well-known point of sale, in the city of Pablo-Neruda. Later, the police decide to hide and wait for his return in front of the school.

“Great classic”

Once the suspect is back at the facility, the police in turn enter the school and locate the young man in the back of the yard before arresting him. This is not the first time that a school has been used as a hideout for drug traffickers, recalls Le Parisien. In May and June 2019, a merchant entered the Hugo-Balzac school, still in Saint-Denis, causing the confinement, as a precaution, of the 600 students of the establishment. Subsequently, a search discovered 30 grams of cannabis hidden in the school.

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According to a police officer, “using a public building [pour cacher la drogue] unfortunately it has become a great classic ”. The mayor of the town filed a complaint and indicated that in the coming weeks a “security audit of this school group” will be carried out.

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