Iceberg Crystal ferrofluid speaker hits Kickstarter

Iceberg Crystal is a new Kickstarter project launched this week to offer an opportunity to help a new highend audio visualization and ferrofluidic speaker move from concept to production. The magnetic fluid music speaker is equipped with Nasser Nasser magnetic fluid and delivers 360° sound, and features a frontpanel ferrofluid display that changes with the music. Inventive project upfront contributions are currently available from around £229 to £187 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a significant discount of around 67% off the suggested retail price while Kickstarter crowdfunding continues.

“The NASAdeveloped ferrofluid was originally used in rocket ships to control propellant in zero gravity. In June 2020, Bock Warning and Cyberslee discovered that magnetic fluids could be used to create artistic rhythm. Now we have used its power to bring you stunning graphics that enhance your listening experience. The ultimate crisp sound you hear is achieved by integrating various electronic components and using speakers from the best manufacturers on the planet. “

Iceberg Crystal ferrofluid speaker

ferrofluid speaker

“The amplifier board is equipped with topnotch components, including Japanese Murata, Samsung MLCC, and Japanese LXG chemical filter capacitors. The German Wool inductor IC amplifier delivers exceptional sound quality. A pair of 55W ferrofluidic combo drivers deliver an amazing zerodistortion bass effect that will leave you wanting more.

Assuming that Iceberg Crystal’s crowdfunding campaign successfully reaches its required donation target and the project is progressing smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place somewhere around . To learn more about the Iceberg Crystal ferrofluidic speaker project, watch the promotional video below.

With TWS network output support, you can connect two identical “iceberg crystals” to form left and right channels. The surround effect doubles the overall experience and doubles the shock. The crystal surface of the pyramid and the internal components are built on the principle of a sound field. They combine the perfect combination of pure sound quality and stunning graphics. “

Ferrofluid speaker internals

For a complete list of all available preorders, extended targets, additional media and full specifications for the Ferrofluid speaker, visit the official Iceberg Crystal Crowdfunding Campaign page using the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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