iCloud Photos coming to Windows 11

After announcing several PC news from Apple, Microsoft has confirmed that iCloud Photos is now available in the native Photos app in Windows 11.

The updated Photos app in Windows 11 with iCloud Photos integration is now available to all users. For everything to work, users need to update the Photos app through the Microsoft Store and then install iCloud for Windows, which is also available from the Microsoft Store.

After that, just sign in with your Apple ID to the iCloud app and turn on Photo Library sync. Once synced, all photos and videos stored in iCloud should automatically appear in the Windows Photos app.

“We know that many Windows users have photo and video collections on their iPhone that they would like to view on their PC,” said Dave Grohockey, Microsoft senior product manager for Windows Inbox apps. “This iCloud Photos integration will allow iPhone owners to have direct access to all of their most treasured memories in one organized place and is another step in our ongoing efforts to keep Windows 11 running smoothly.”

This is a significant step forward in improving the experience for users who own both Apple devices and Windows PCs. While iCloud Photos was already available on Windows prior to this update, photos and videos were only accessible from regular folders and not from a specific app.

In addition, Microsoft and Apple have already confirmed that Windows users will soon have access to the new Apple Music and Apple TV apps. Currently, Windows users must connect to via a web browser to watch Apple TV+ content, while Apple Music can be accessed via or iTunes, which was supported there. discontinued many years ago.

These announcements confirm Apple’s strategy to expand its services to more platforms as the company focuses more on subscription revenue.

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