Idea Factory and Compile Heart’s Mary Skelter RPG dungeon series finale, Mary Skelter Finale, lands on Nintendo Switch and PS4 this fall in the West Nintendo-Difference

On November 5, Idea Factory and Compile Heart released in Japan the third and final episode of the dungeon RPG series Mary skelter sure Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 : Mary Skelter Final. Recently during the event New Game + Expo, Idea Factory International revealed that the game will be available this autumn in Europe and the United States, in physics and download. There will be only texts in English, with the possibility of choose between English dubbing and Japanese voices.

Born in 2016 from a collaboration between Compile Heart, Dengeki Bunko et Dengeki Playstation With the aim of mixing video games, novels and magazines, the Mary Skelter series has become a trilogy, all of the episodes of which can be found on Switch since Mary skelter 2 contains the remake of the first episode, Mary Skelter: Nightmares. We won’t cover the story of the last episode here in order to avoid spoilers, but the newly launched UK official site has a rundown of what to expect from players who have thus played the first games.

Note all the same that the developers made sure that Mary Skelter Finale is an accessible minimum for people who had never tried even one episode of the series. Indeed, this last game contains the possibility to relive all the events of Mary Skelter: Nightmares and Mary Skelter 2 with the option BEFORE STORY. However, only scenes from these games are included, so it is not possible to enjoy their gameplay. In addition, Mary Skelter Finale allows you to deepen even more the universe created by Compile Heart and Idea Factory thanks to three light novels directly integrated into the game.

Mary Skelter Finale takes the gameplay of the previous episodes and therefore the concept of dungeon crawler at the Etrian Odyssey, with turn-based battles. We embody once again in the Jail the protagonist, Jack, and the Blood maidens, who each have useful skills both for fighting but also for exploring and solving puzzles in dungeons.

The official Japanese site of Mary Skelter Finale is obviously more complete than the English version and also contains extracts from the soundtrack produced by ZIZZ Studio (who had recently worked on the OST of Mad Rat Dead). You can also read more about Mary Skelter Finale on the Wiki created by fans as well as in full articles in English at this address.

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