If the Internet were a place, what would its map look like in 2021?

The artist presented a map depicting the territory of the Internet as if it were a real place. A company that at one time remembers the visual effects of XKCD.

The concept is not new, but it is still interesting to observe: if the Internet were a territory, what would its map look like? We remember, for example, that in 2007, designer Randall Munroe, author of the famous site XKCD, presented a map representing large communities on the web (many of which have disappeared from radar screens such as MySpace, Friendster, AOL., Windows Live).

Three years later, the artist returned the cover to show how the landscape of the web has changed during this time. The updated map featured new empires such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, QQ, and FarmVille. The ancient kingdoms, if they did not collapse during this time, saw their surface shrink, like sadness.

Map that represents the Internet in 2021

Since then, other similar representations have appeared. DeviantART, Slovak artist, Martin Vargich, published a map of this type in 2014. And today, seven years later, he does it again with a new version adapted for 2021. It is available on his website and is particularly extensive (and especially heavy if you want to display it in detail).

The explanatory text attached to this card helps you better understand the work done. The stakeholder explains that it took some time to complete this web view, which is obviously not exhaustive: it focuses on the largest websites, adapting the size of the respective territories according to the Alexa site ranking, which is an indicator of their traffic. Colors also refer to their graphic charter.

Reddit, the empire is bigger than LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. // Source: Halycon

Compared to any previous version of the internet map, this new version is much more detailed and informative. It includes several thousand of the most popular websites, presented as separate countries, which are grouped with other sites of the same type or category, thus forming dozens of separate groups, regions and continents. “, – he explains.

So we have groups made up of information sites, social media, search engines, e-merchants, software giants, file-sharing specialists, and adult sites. To the south lies the vast continent of the Dark Web, difficult to reach and hostile – Antarctica, in short. As for the oceans, they are specifically named based on protocols.

At the center of this imaginary world are Internet service providers, the World Wide Web Consortium, and web browsers. Many of the territories will not be known to you, but sometimes you may come across a few interesting facts, for example, this country “Covid-19” with its cities called Active, Confirmed, Deceased and Negative trends … In 2021, we are doing well.


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