If the jeans you wore at age 21 don’t fit, you could develop diabetes.

What are the main risk factors for developing diabetes? The most talked about is being overweight, often a consequence of lifestyle in the case of a healthy person, although the important parameter is mainly waist circumference (and not directly weight). Since this is a significant risk factor, according to one of the world’s leading specialists in the disease, a person is at risk of developing type 2 diabetes if the jeans they were wearing no longer fit at the age of 21. So it’s (almost) as simple as that …

“And if people find that they can no longer fit pants of the size in question (which are worn at age 21), it is because they are ‘carrying too much fat,'” says Professor Roy Taylor of the University of Newcastle. At the annual conference of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, Taylor presented the results of an early study that found that normal-weight people with type 2 diabetes could “achieve remission” simply by losing weight.

Cure Type 2 Diabetes by Eating Less

The results of the study show that 8 out of 12 people were able to “get rid” of their disease by losing 10 to 15% of their body weight through diet. The participants, who suffered from type 2 diabetes despite having a “normal” body mass index (BMI), were able to reduce fat levels in the liver and pancreas, and the activity of insulin-producing cells in the liver. It was discovered that the pancreas be restored.

“Doctors tend to assume that type 2 diabetes has a different cause in people who are not overweight. What we’ve shown is that if normal-weight people lose 10-15% of their weight, they have a high chance of getting rid of diabetes, “said Taylor, the lead researcher.

The participants, who had an average BMI of 24.5, followed a weight loss program that included a low-calorie liquid diet for two weeks. They only consumed 800 calories per day in the form of soups and smoothies.

A risk of diabetes related to waist circumference and not being overweight.

They did three cycles of this program until they lost 10-15% of their body weight. After the weight loss, the scans showed a reduction in fat in the liver and eight of the twelve participants saw that their type 2 diabetes went into remission, meaning their blood sugar levels were under control and that they were no longer under control. they needed medication.

“The results (although preliminary) show very clearly that diabetes is not caused by obesity but by being too heavy for your own body,” says Taylor. “As a general rule of thumb, your waist size should be the same today as it was when you were 21 years old. If you cannot fit the same pants size today, you are too fat and therefore at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, even if you are not overweight. “

Lucy Chambers, head of research communications for Diabetes UK, which funded the study, said she welcomed the results but cautioned that they were preliminary and full results were expected by 2022.

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