‘If you buy this, you support transphobia’: fans boycott latest Harry Potter video game

Over the years, the Harry Potter creator has multiplied performances that fans have deemed transphobic. Pacific Coast News / ABACA

The conflicting statements of the creator of the universe, J. K. Rowling, continue to shake the small Muggle world.

“If you buy Hogwarts heritage, you are transphobic. If you think not, you are stupid and transphobic,” wrote a fan of the saga on Twitter. Words like this appear by the hundreds every day on social media as the February 10 release date for the next Harry Potter-inspired video game approaches. We are talking about the numerous speeches of the author of the saga, JK Rowling, which fans considered transphobic.

For several years, the writer regularly angered fans with her controversial positions. Among them is a Twitter quote from Devex’s article on creating a “more equitable world for people who menstruate.” Subtext: transgender women and men. The Harry Potter creator was moved by the article and joked in another tweet: “People who are menstruating.” I’m sure we’ve had a word for these people before. Someone Help me. Women? We? Fims?

Disputes on the Web flared up to such an extent that even Daniel Radcliffe, who played in the Harry Potter saga, spoke out against the author. The actor specifically stated in an essay published on the website of the Trevor Project, an LGBT+ intervention and suicide prevention organization that “transgender women are women.”

For some fans, buying a video game today means giving away money to J.K. Rowling and therefore encouraging her transphobic speeches. While many are calling for a boycott, many others have announced that they have pre-ordered the game and will play it without hesitation.

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