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IFA is an opportunity for certain brands to make themselves known. This is Tesla’s case; not Tesla Motors, but the Serbian brand Tesla, which makes a little bit of everything from small appliances to TVs, including computers and monitors. Unfortunately, his products are not as dreamy as Elon Musk’s cars.

Tesla Q55K925SUS TV with 55″ Ultra HD 60Hz Qled IPS panel.

Exhibitions are full of surprises and IFA 2022 is no exception. We came across televisions from the Serbian company Tesla, which tells us that it uses the Tesla brand with the consent of Tesla Motors. We can also think that the name Tesla is popular in Serbia as it is the country of origin of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla and this gives them some scope to use the name. The logo is not quite the same as Tesla Motors, but the resemblance remains quite striking for a newcomer. Anyway, let’s get to the TVs!

Not a very promising Edge-Led lighting system.

Not a very promising Edge-Led lighting system.

One of the most interesting models seems to be the Tesla Q55K925SUS. This Qled-stamped 55″ model features a 55″ 60Hz IPS panel with a maximum brightness of 350 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 1100:1 with a very classic Edge-Led backlight system. We’re clearly in front of an entry-level TV whose picture quality should be very average. Qled panels manufactured by Samsung and TCL are based in Virginia. Only Hisense offers Qled IPS panels, and the result is not great, since even the Hisense 65U8GQ with its 120-zone Full LED system did not convince us. Suffice it to say that with the Edge-Led lighting system, the Tesla Q55K925SUS should show a very disappointing contrast.

The remote control is just an LG Magic Remote with a Tesla stamp for the occasion.

The remote control is just an LG Magic Remote with a Tesla stamp for the occasion.

Another surprise is the remote control, which is simply LG’s Magic Remote. This is a good thing as this TV uses webOS 5.0. Thus, the remote control allows the use of a very practical gyroscope to make certain settings, in particular to enter a password. This system is responsive and now benefits from all video streaming applications.

Therefore, there is no wow effect for this Tesla TV, which is very far from what the car manufacturer can offer with their cars. We just get the impression that the brand is using its name by renaming rather average products without looking for innovation. It’s a shame, because by working with Hisense, for example, the Serbian company could offer good Oled TVs at unbeatable prices, such as the Hisense 55A85G for 899 euros, often sold for 700 euros.

Hisens 55A85G

Starting price 1190 €

Hisens 55A85G

Note Digital

Editorial rating: 3 out of 5

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