Ihon. 2,500 trees to be planted in Ardèche thanks to Natcoin cryptocurrency

“Is it wet? asks Sophie Ochs, co-CEO of Ases, bucket in hand in front of a freshly planted young pine tree. Hands are clapping around her in a good mood. Emilia, 8 years old, Abel, 4 years old, and Gaspard, 6 years old, take their daily responsibilities very seriously.

This Tuesday, April 26, about twenty volunteers, three children, participated in the planting of about 130 trees on private land in Aylon, near Auben (Southern Ardèche). And this is part of a partnership established via LinkedIn between Ases and the Life Terra Foundation.

“Today is the symbolic start of our joint action in France. Life Terra provided plants and bought Natcoins, as well as companies in the south of the Ardèche, as part of its climate change efforts,” explains Guillermo…

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