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Marseille prosecutors opened a judicial investigation in July following reports from the Medicines Agency regarding the IHU while it was run by controversial researcher Didier Raoult, in particular for forgery in writing, prosecutors said on Tuesday. .

This forensic information follows reports received in October 2021 and May 2022 from ANSM (Editor’s note: National Agency for the Safety of Medicines) and not a request sent on Monday by the Ministers of Health and Research to Marseille’s Public Prosecutor’s Office to record “crimes or serious violations”. health regulations or scientific research” observed at the IHU.

The ministerial inquiry, based on a damning report by the General Inspectorate for Social Affairs (Igas) and its counterpart Higher Education and Research (IGESR), had yet to reach Marseille’s prosecutor’s office on Tuesday morning, the AFP prosecutor’s office added.

On July 4, Marseille’s prosecutor’s office opened a judicial investigation into “forgery in writing”, “use of forgery in writing” and “an intervention study involving a person not justified by his usual departure, without obtaining the opinion of the committee for the protection of persons and the permission of the ANSM,” Marseille’s prosecutor’s office told AFP on Tuesday.

The ANSM, in particular, noted “serious violations of the rules of research involving humans” during irregular clinical trials.

On Monday, Ministers Sylvie Retaio and François Braun, in a joint press release, assessed that another report published by Igas and IGESR “highlights serious dysfunctions” at the Mediterranean University Infectious Diseases Institute (IHU-MI), established in 2011 by Didier Raoult until the end of August .

“Several elements” in this new report “may constitute wrongdoing or serious violations of regulations from a public health or research standpoint,” the ministers wrote.

François Cremieux, director of the AP-HM (Marseille Public Hospitals), assured on Tuesday in La Provence that the establishment “shares the observation of managerial excesses by some hospital and university officials in key positions in the infectious disease cluster.” “.

“I regret that the IGAS/IGAENR mission does not take into account the detailed legal and scientific response that I provided them,” Didier Raoult expressed regret in a tweet on Tuesday, inviting internet users to read it extenso in line.

In his response to Igas and Iguesru, Didier Raoult believes that this report “mainly focuses on collecting derogatory comments about the director of IHU-MI.” The former director of the IHU laments the “lack of distance from the mission, which is thus more like a commando mission than an inspection in the service of the French state.”

Asked about Cnews on Tuesday, the researcher lamented: “This is another episode in that I’m being bullied for saying what everyone is doing right now, including vaccines (…)”, assuring that he was ” very calm”: “I did what I considered necessary to do at a time when the French state considered it necessary to have institutes specializing in infectious diseases.”

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