IKEA creates replicas of PS5 and Xbox Series X to support furniture buying

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Buying a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X may be the most difficult thing in the world right now, but the arrival of a new generation is also a good excuse to think about renovating our entertainment centers. While the Xbox Series X’s design is great and practical, the same can’t be said for the PS5, so making a furniture decision isn’t that straightforward, but IKEA has thought about it.

According to information from GameSpot, a Reddit user visited a branch of IKEA, the famous Swedish-born furniture store, and was surprised that the new generation of consoles are already being considered by the brand for their furniture designs. entertainment. In this sense, the user has shared an image that shows replicas of the PS5 and Xbox Series X with exact measurements and design details that allow buyers to make an appropriate decision, so that it is possible to take one of those cardboard consoles and place them on the furniture and decide if they are used for this purpose.

In case there is any doubt that the Next-Gen has also arrived at IKEA, the PS5 replica includes the caption: “Which IKEA media storage unit will fit my huge new game console?”

So, there is no doubt that unlike previous generations, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are starting to be a phenomenon that attracts the attention of different industries and confirms that video games have positioned themselves, at least in important markets. . , as a form of entertainment of the moment.

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