Imagine Earth: final release date, farewell to early access, Xbox One version announced

We were no longer waiting Imagine earth for a long time, but it was without counting on the perseverance of the German studio Serious bros. It must be said that it’s been seven years since the developers launched the early access of their strategy game. The title did not fail to grow during this period, but after so much time, we thought thatImagine earth was going to follow the path of Star Citizen and all those games with a taste of unfinished business.

This will ultimately not be the case since Serious Bros. has announced the final release date of its game. The least we can say is that it’s imminent. Imagine Earth will come out ofearly access on May 25th. Good news never comes alone, the independent studio mentions the deployment of a major update, in parallel with the release, notably introducing a world congress which unites the factions of the planet to face the climate threat.

Even more improbable, Serious Bros. even announces the publication of its title on Xbox One. Console players will be able to try their luck as a planetary manager. They will have to maintain a space colony to keep their post and ensure its sustainable development. Trade and economic struggle with other human factions is the core of the experience, but we must also take into account the climate threat which may eventually sink your new civilization under the waves if your carbon emissions are too high. Note that players will be able to try their luck as a manager in a single player campaign taking place on several planets, but also in a mode Competition can bring together five rivals or even in one mode Unending where the challenges are procedurally generated.

You will find an Xbox One S 1TB on Amazon.


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