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When the doorbell rings, we sometimes want to know who we’re dealing with before moving physically. Video intercoms exist, but sometimes they require a bit of fiddling to install, especially when you need to run a cable from your destination to your home. Now there is another solution: a connected video intercom.

The one offered by Imilab does not come alone, as it is connected to a hub connected to a wall socket in the house. The model is slightly different from the models from Arlo or Google Nest. The manufacturer gave us a model to share his experience with our readers.

In addition to the charging cable (supplied without a charger), there is the necessary to fix the device and an addition that allows you to point the camera to one side or the other, which is important, for example, when the doorbell is fixed to one side of the door.

Due to its international distribution, the HUB is designed to adapt to different types of sockets, here it comes with a French adapter.


Its two antennas optimize the reception and distribution of the WiFi signal. It’s also a HUB that will let you store your recorded videos if you want them to be.


The doorbell has a fairly large size compared to other models of competitors. No one will mistake it for a camera, despite the clearly visible lens, because the logo on the button that starts the melody speaks for itself.

door bell

On the back, a flap that can be lifted up provides access to the MicroUSB port. You will need to use the charger provided, as Imilab does not supply one, as is often the case now with connected objects.

USB port

First, it’s an app that takes us through the various steps: syncing the hub and doorbell, entering home WiFi network information, and so on. Everything went smoothly, despite some rough translations in the app.


The application also prompts us to check the phone with one hand and the camera with the other, if the place where this will happen is close enough to pick up a WiFi signal. This is indeed our case, but the signal quickly disappears as soon as we take a few steps.

wifi signal

This should be taken into account when considering purchasing a connected video intercom: the WiFi signal must be strong enough because a large amount of data will be transmitted, and also because it may affect the response of notifications and video broadcast.

The physical installation is quite simple but requires drilling two holes using a paper template. The doorbell is attached with a clip system and detached with the included tool, which is used in smartphones to remove the SIM card slot. A less banal instrument would be desirable in order to avoid indelicacy.


The ringtone sounds good on a homeconnected hub, even if the volume may sound a little cramped if the doorbell is in a room far from where you live. We will now experiment with the possibilities offered and will soon conclude this article with our findings.

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