Immerse yourself in the world of Q / Episode 3: family portrait of the French QAnon

> Skeptics

This group is not grouped around the same ideological cause, be it political or spiritual. He is driven by both doubt, the desire for absolute truth and the questioning of any official word or fact, considering that the peoples are “manipulated” by a “corrupt elite.” Among these “skeptics”, we find quite heterogeneous profiles, sometimes coming from other groups, who contribute to the search for the truth and its dissemination to the largest possible number of people.

The questions posed by the “skeptics” are so numerous that they allow everyone to improvise as a researcher and fully express their imagination, the whole process being stimulated by the feeling of learning and being galvanized by the community. The QAnon movement was built on this principle, the mechanics of which we analyze in the first episode of this column.

Among the most frequently asked questions by “skeptics”: have we really walked on the moon? Isn’t the Earth flat? Did planes crash into the Pentagon towers and the World Trade Center in September 2001? Are governments using chemtrails to control the weather and people? What do covid vaccines contain and what are they for? Are they used to reduce the world’s population or to better control it? Is the “Blue Beam project” underway, which would be carried out in secret by NASA and foresees the experimental deployment of new technologies (holograms, telepathy, etc.) to install a “new world order”?

This last topic is particularly appreciated by the community. The Blue Beam Project is a book written by Quebec journalist Serge Monast to “reveal” a secret operation led by NASA and with the aim of installing a new world order in four stages: review of archaeological knowledge, use of giant holograms, communication by telepathy with the control of spirits and the use of new technologies to create supernatural phenomena destined to make people believe that they are in danger. The various projects led by Elon Musk are often cited as the visible face of this project.

The “skeptical” community often surprises with its high level of technicality. She manipulates a lot of cutting-edge science, but often in a completely wrong way, leading to conclusions opposite to reality. The falsification of existing documents or the production of forgeries are often used to drive research and spread the messages.

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